Where to get the best mens haircut in Toronto?
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Looking for a good mens haircut in the Toronto area.

Theres been a little talk regarding this subject but not enough to really land a decision. Ive read past posts but i want to see what people have to say now.

Im in need of a good haircut, dont mind spending the $, i drive. After being to a few high-end salons in TO I've found the cuts a rather hit/miss, each time getting the feeling they rather be working with womens hair. Im trying to find someone who really knows their way around a guys haircut. I have medium-length hair, caucasian.

Rather than playing roulette with the scissors im wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction?
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I use Sabrina at Poison Ivy often. I've also had success with Jesse at Grateful Head but I've only been to her once. Sabrina's cut my hair at least 15 times and I've never been dissatisfied. PI is also cheaper than Grateful Head by $10 or so.
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Rodrigo at W is great and I went to him regularly for a few years before I couldn't rationalize spending much money on the little hair I have left. I go to Gus the Other Barber now, when I don't just buzz it myself.
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i shave my head but a few stylin' friends with hair recommend David Mitchell. King St. East near Sherborne.

while I miss having hair I don't miss finding a good place to style it!
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Nicole or Jessica at Shampoo in Kensington Market.
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You're gonna laugh, but try Arthur in the salon in The Bay at Yonge & Bloor. Arthur's been a stylist since the mid 1960s. He worked out a hair rescue plan for me, and I've followed him around to three salons around the city.
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I used Nicole @ Shampoo for several years but I found towards the end she didn't seem to put as much effort into it. I don't know if it was a general malaise or just that she figured she'd won me as a customer so she didn't have to try as hard. Great girl, but I had to switch as that last two times I used her she disappointed me.
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I'll second Jessica at Shampoo, she always does a good job for me.
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Coupe Bizarre on Queen West is fantastic, and despite their name will give you a perfectly normal (but very fashionable) cut if that's what you are looking for. $60 well spent.
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Also Laura at Shampoo.
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2nd Coupe Bizzarre. Ask for Sergio. These days I self-inflict a buzzcut on myself, but he kicked all kinds of ass (and was a really nice guy to boot).
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Response by poster: Went to Sabrina at Poison Ivy- the best cut ive had in what seems forever. Couldnt be happier. Thanks Dobbs!
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Great! Glad to hear it. I'm in there tomorrow myself.
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