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[SeattleHaircutFilter]. I am a man in his late 20s in Seattle looking to invest in a decent, not-too-expensive, but not necessarily cheap haircut. I'm more or less looking for a place where I can go in and say "oh, I'm not sure, use your best judgment," and walk out with something better-looking than I would have known to ask for. Does anyone know of such a beast in this town?
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Weldon Barber and Bombaii Cutters, if Eastside is your thing.
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It's a bit girly but they get a lot of men and I have never had a bad haircut from them. Recommended over Rudy's (I'm male and in my early 20's). Price is the same as Rudy's too.

Tenpachi in the U District
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Oops I lose at linking
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Response by poster: Eastside is less my thing than it could be -- I'm reliant on public transportation. I respect the Rudy's suggestions (and the fact that they're practically next-door to me), but I've heard mixed things about them from friends. Tenpachi I will look into...
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Tava at Salon Ciba, definitely. Holly's good, too.

I wouldn't recommend Rudy's unless you've got a young lady by the name of April on the other end of the shears. Too inconsistent and unnecessarily random.
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Bad experiences at Rudy's. Good experiences at Sal's on Pike.
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Came in to recommend Valentine's as well.
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I've always been happy with the haircuts I got from Jami at Tart, in Ballard (warning: obnoxious website). Not cheap, but they grow out very well. I'm a woman, but I know she does men's haircuts as well.
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I'll be more specific and say: Rudy's in Belltown.

I've had my hair cut at various Rudy's since the first one opened many moons ago and have had mostly good, but sometimes not so good results. (And I've had my haircut at other Seattle places, including spendy ones). BUT, for the past couple of years I've been going exclusively to the Belltown Rudy's branch and have never had a dud haircut.

Even more specifically, I'd say that Kelli at Rudy's Belltown is my preferred Seattle haircare professional. If you call them (206-448-8900) you can find out when she works and then request her when you show up. Let her know the Internet sent you.
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Vain in Belltown (I think they have a new location in Ballard as well) is fantastic. A little pricier than a place like Rudy's (I think cuts start at $30, depending on who you go with), but a bit more reliable IMHO.
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Best answer: Rudy's is a possibility, but man, the quality really varies A LOT from stylist to stylist. You might get a great cut, you might end up looking like shit.

If you can get to Columbia City (the 7, 9, and 48 come down here), then you really ought to check out Pure Alchemy Salon. Danyale is the proprieter; her day job is as head of hair and makeup at the Seattle Opera. She is totally amazing and I recommend her services wholeheartedly.
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Rudy's really does vary from place to place and person to person. Avoid the Phinney Ridge one on weekends unless you have a Russian novel you need to finish while waiting. And it seems like they have a high turnover rate for the good ones. (I just get my head buzzed nowadays so it really doesn't matter that much.)

If you're really willng to spend on a grown up place, try Capelli's downtown. $30 or more for a cut, but I've heard really good things about them.

There's a place on Queen Anne I've also heard good things about -- very old school, relatively inexpensive -- but I can't remember if it's Bostonian or Counterbalance.
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