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I am in search of an android app that will let me lay out X number of squares or other shapes in a grid or other basic configuration, and then click a shape to change its color when I've done the task I'm trying to track. Ideally I would be able to set up several grids to track several tasks.

Basically, I want to visually show myself that I have 50 units of Thing I Want To Do, and everything I do Thing, I get to click one of the shapes. I do not want it to be calendar-based or have deadlines.

Does such a thing exist?
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It's not exactly what you've been looking for, but Habitica, which has an android app, allows you to track habits which change color based on clicks. For example, you can set up a good habit that will turn from yellow to green to blue as you click and will fade back down to yellow if days pass where you neglect the habit. You can't align the habits in a grid, but they do have 3 categories of tasks - the aforementioned habits, daily tasks, and a to do list.
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There is an Android app called Rewire that does basically this.
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You could use Google Keep. I use it to manage tasks. Where simple, I use a single note and have check list items. Where more complex use one note (square) for each task. You can color and categorize as necessary.
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I use Gleeo Time Tracker, which is probably a little more finicky than what you want--but it's useful enough that I thought it's worth adding in case your needs ever change. Easy to use but feature-filled, solid time tracking.
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Worth also asking in the androidapps subreddit.
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I use Google Sheets to do basically exactly this.
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