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I am getting my hair cut and I need pictures to show the haircut I want: short and sexy, maybe layered, lots of volume, natural blond with natural-looking blond highlights, and preferably bangs. Help!

Right now, I have very straight layered hair a couple of inches below my shoulders. My hair has gotten a lot more brown as I've gotten older, and I'd like to lighten it up. I had bangs as a kid, and I'd like to try them out again. I'd also really, really like to have a head turning and even sexy haircut, so I'd be willing to go pretty short, though not a pixie cut or anything.

As a really visual person, and someone who's not that great with describing things, it would be really helpful to have pictures that could help illustrate what I want and clarify it to myself and the hair stylist. So far googling hasn't turned up any pictures of celebrities with hairstyles that I like in their entirety, if that makes sense.

Any help would be appreciated.
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The hairstylists often have books and you can point to what you want.
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How short is "pretty short but not a pixie cut or anything"?

When I need inspiration for this sort of thing, I'll spend an hour or so on Jezebel's Good/Bad/Ugly series of red carpet posts.
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Best answer: We need some approximate examples to start with.
Google "Michelle Williams". Hot or Cold?
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You might also look at pictures of Carey Mulligan.
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Response by poster: I like this Michelle Williams pic, but maybe with straighter and fuller bangs.

I guess I'd like it to be shorter than my shoulders but not really short in the back. I think this one might be too short, for example.
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This site has helped me before. It shows celebrity hairstyles and tips on how to mimic that style yourself. There's even an interactive "HairStyler," which is a little cheesy, but it's a good start when you're having trouble pinning down your style.
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Best answer: So what you want is a layered bob, not too angled in the back. With bangs.

If you have a stylist you trust and don't have any particular celebrity you want to look EXACTLY like, you can most likely just tell the stylist the above and let her get to work. Your stylist can probably help you figure out what bangs would work best for you, so no need to fuss too much over that.

I would mainly bring in a photo to explain what you're thinking, colorwise. Though you should definitely expect your stylist to weigh in and help you settle on something that will look good on you regardless of any photo you bring in.
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Best answer: you could try a short bob. Paris Hilton rocks it pretty well. It's not that layered, though. This is a bit shorter, but a lot sexier, in my opinion. Taylor Swift's hair is also really pretty. Granted, it's pulled back, but you can get it cut to look like that all the time, not pulled back. One last option
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Response by poster: So what you want is a layered bob, not too angled in the back. With bangs.

Yes! Thank you! Words are important.
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Best answer: This is really cute, and sounds like what you want.

I love this one.

And here's one more.
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Best answer: I have short hair. I always find the Toni and Guy "style finder" to be a good inspiration.
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This is a Japanese hairstyle site, with tons of examples. I've never seen one this thorough in English. Each style's cut and colour is described, as well as the hair and face shape types it's suited for.
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This site lets you search by color, length and texture - I've gotten a lot of good ideas from there.
And oddly enough, flickr is a great place to look for haircuts. There are a few groups I like that tend to focus on cuts a little shorter than what you are looking for, but just in case, here they are. The thing I like about the flickr groups opposed to hair books or professional sites is, for the most part, the women in the pictures are non-models. So you get a realistic look of a non-airbrushed person who doesn't have a professional styling her hair just before the picture is taken.
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