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What stylish mens haircuts are low/no maintenance?

I've been doing buzzcuts in my bathroom every 3 weeks or so, and it's a no maintenance cut, but I want to maybe try something else. My hair is probably about an inch long, with some gray coming in -- too many to pull out, too few to see that it's graying from across the room. I'm ok with growing it out more before getting a cut if the cut looks like a good fit.
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You'll probably get better answers if you specify your hair texture. Is it straight, curly, wavy? Is it fine or coarse?
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Response by poster: Before I started cutting it very short, it was thick and wavy, not easy to tame.
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Best answer: As much as I am a fan of the patented Logan Square Hitler Youth haircut, I think that your head would be best suited with something that stayed pretty short overall. Something like this or this.

Let it grow for a while and deal with it being awkward, then let a stylist figure out what will work best for you. (Do you have a place? I like Twisted Scissors. They're good people.)
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I really like what Joel McHale does with his hair.

A little wash, a dab of gel and out the door.
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My hair, thick and wavy, was (before I went insane in November of last year and decided I'd go without haircuts for a year...excuse me while I brush the hair out of my eyes YET AGAIN) cut with these instructions:

Buzzers on the sides with a long #2 guard
Finger-length on top

I got this exact cut at fancy shops and in Supercuts, and it looked just as good either way.
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Get a Flowbee and play around with it. I have and never been happier.
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I've been doing what I call a "Poor Man's Macklemore" for about a year now. I go to the barber with a picture like this (that's just from a quick "short sides long top" image search - I don't wear it like a fauxhawk, but messily parted kinda like this guy) and make sure they know I want no fade. Then after a few weeks I have my wife re-shave the sides with a beard trimmer. Since there's no fade it's easy to see where to shave.

It's sort of a goofy look but I like it. It's fashion-forward enough to garner me cool points with my students but also looks polished and put together. And it's very low-maintenance. The place where I get my haircut is next to our dog's groomer and I think that I've pretty much been getting my haircuts on the same schedule as the dog (every few months).
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Here's a real-life photo of me for reference.
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Response by poster: Here's what I went with. Thanks for your help.
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