How to contact an A-List actor
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A friend of mine has possession of an artwork that was created by someone who is now a recognized, A-List actor. He would like to return it.

My role in this is merely to be a facilitator, to find my friend a contact point to put him in touch with the correct minions of this actor. (Famous Actors do have minions, right?), at which point I drop out of the picture. I do have photos of the artwork in question.

So how does this kind of thing usually work? My friend wants nothing (i.e. no money or recognition) other than to return this piece to its rightful owner, but doesn't even want his name on the Internet.
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Honestly I'd take a selfie of myself with it and a note that says, "Hey, XYZ, I'd like to get this back to you, contact me at [contact info]". Print it out as a big picture and mail it to his or her agent.
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Without knowing the person, I can only give generic advice, which is to go to their website, find their agent in the Contact area, and send an email with a specific subject line.

On preview, if that doesn't work, use that link that tilde provided.
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Print it out as a big picture and mail it to his or her agent.

...Or #tweet it at them.
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I was going to say Tweet as well.
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Different A-List actors work differently. Most have agents. Some have agencies. Some have spouses who are their agents. Sharing who the actor is would be a lot of help. It's not like saying "hey I have a friend who wants to contact George Clooney" is going to give anything away about your friend's identity.
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Twitter is one option. Another is to find the actor's agent and contact the agent.
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Former assistant to A-list Hollywood people here. You can call SAG in L.A., ask for "agency information," and then ask who the actor's agent is. Once you know that, send a letter to the actor, care of the agent. It will get to the actor's office, though it might take a while.
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Another idea is the actor's publicist.
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Contact their agent. Unfortunately, determining their agent may not be straightforward. IMDBPro has a "look up agent" feature -- so maybe subscribe for a month? There's also this paid service that claims to provide the information, but I can't tell if it's legitimate.
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From the OP:

but doesn't even want his name on the Internet

If the agent can provide legit proof they are that person's agent and that it will get to them, send it along. Maybe you can use twitter for that, having the A-lister's verified twitter account tweet something completely random like a picture of your elbow snapshotted from your picture. And now I'm getting off into random land. :P
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I have an IMDBPro account- message me if you want me to look it up for you.
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Only SAG will have the most current information. IMDB Pro isn't as up-to-date. You call SAG, you call the agent's office, the person answering the phone gives you their email address, and you email the photo, or whatever. Or you can send the thing directly to the actor at the agency but most unsolicited packages just get dumped.
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I should add -- when you call SAG, they'll tell you the name of the agency. Then call the agency and tell the person who answers, "client information." They'll either say something like "which client," or transfer you to someone who will. Then you say the name of the actor and they say the actual agent's name.
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return this piece to its rightful owner

Was it stolen? Lost? Usually art is gifted to someone, right?

As a facilitator, you could take the photo of the piece and tweet it to the actor. The minions will contact you.
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Please don't tweet a photo of it to the actor -- that's so public. As an artist I can say that art-making is sometimes very personal and emotional. Running across old art can make one cringe (or smile), and I'd much rather do that in private.
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