What is the sexiest Prince album?
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I need to know by tomorrow night. Thanks.
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The answer to this question is Dirty Mind.
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Dinnerdance is correct.
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Everyone above is correct and this question will likely be deleted.
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I'm chaining myself to this question to prevent its deletion.
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[its Friday night, don't go nuts but feel free to answer the question.]
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I concur that empirically, scientifically, and objectively that it is, indeed, Dirty Mind.
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Dirty Mind might have the most overtly sexual lyrics, but that's different from the "sexiest album."
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It's not even a contest.
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And if you don't agree with Lovesexy for some reason, there are several others I'd list before Dirty Mind:

1999 — especially "Let's Pretend We're Married" (listen to the "I wanna f___ you" interlude), "Little Red Corvette," and "Lady Cab Driver"

Purple Rain — "The Beautiful Ones," "When Doves Cry," "Darling Nikki" (the song that led to the Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics sticker), etc.

Sign O' the Times — "It" (!!!), "Slow Love," "U Got the Look," etc.

To me, Dirty Mind pales in comparison to any of those. It has a more undeveloped, youthful quality that's beloved by fans as the epitome of his early style, but it doesn't have the confident, swaggering, uninhibited quality of his later albums.
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I'm pretty sure from his early works, the answer is 1999... Here's the caveat.... Actually, several...

I like funk. I like sex on the up beat. I liked The Revolution best, except for post 2000 live jams. Darling Nikki is maybe his sexiest studio album song, but that was on Purple Rain, which had some heartfelt ballads. I also hated cheesy Prince, even tho Cream and that shit with Sheena Easton was catchy.

Sexiest Prince was any time Prince was onstage dancing and playing guitar. Any live performance was sexier than any studio version of anything.

As a side note, wanna know when I knew it was over with my first serious adult boyfriend? He had an opportunity to see either Prince or Michael Jackson in concert - and he chose MJ. This was late 80's early 90's. I was so so disappointed. He showed no depth of soul, I dumped him soon after. Which he deserved.

In short I have ZERO doubt the sexiest Prince album is a concert bootleg, something not widely distributed. As a default, I would go with 1999. I like sex on the up beat. You do you ;))
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If you want a confident, celebratory sexual feeling, try 1999.

If you want that youthful, tender, sexual awakening feeling, try Prince.

If you want the meeting point between these two sexual identities, try Dirty Mind.
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Old friends 4 sale. Because it's about that walk... can we talk about it?
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Some songs are dirty sexy like "Erotic City", but that was a B side, and some songs are a more slow romantic sexy like "Do Me, Baby" - which is on Controversy. So my answer would be "Prince: The Hits and the B Sides" which contains both of these and much more damn sexy music.
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Asking what the sexiest Prince album is is like asking which lake is the most wet.

I'll answer: since I'm middle aged and from Minneapolis, for me it's always gonna be Purple Rain. It's like the songs are ordered specifically for it. You get some up beats, then you get some down beats to towel off and drink water.

Although I will stipulate that Erotic City still makes me think vividly about an old girlfriend to this day, and I haven't seen her in decades.
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The Girl 6 soundtrack is pretty darn sexy, for another option.
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