Multiplayer (non-scrabble) iOS games, 2015-style
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Two guys stuck in a hotel room. Two IOS devices. Looking for games, head to head and/or co-op, that can keep us amused. Requirements? Looking for non-word-based or connect-four-ish games. We burned several hours on Trenches and enjoyed it, but got bored after that. Ideas?
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Wrestle Jump
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Ticket to ride
Small world 2
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Ticket to Ride. You will have to pay for it, but you'll be glad you did. See also any other boardgames you enjoy like Settlers of Catan or try something card-based like Hearthstone (you might need to play solo to get together some cards before you go head to head).
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Thirding Ticket to Ride. Very addictive!
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Carcassonne -- fun visual-spatial board game, good for 2 players.
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fourthing ticket to ride but even better than that is Carcassone. Hands down the nicest looking board game app on iOS. As easy to pick up but theres more depth and strategy you'll discover the more you play. Ill also second Catan as a game but i found the app kinda glitchy/buggy the last time Ive played it (over a year ago)
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Neuroshima Hex. Very well made app based off a board game of the same name. Best with 2 players. Quick games with a lot of strategy and depth. Looks like they just put out an update so there are no ratings on the App Store unless you click "All Versions".
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Hero Academy
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Fun Run 2 or 8 Ball Pool?
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Jenga has an online/multiplayer function. I haven't tried it, though. Jenga on an iPad is actually pretty fun.
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Space Team!

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nth Spaceteam and Ticket To Ride. They're both fantastic.

Depending on how super-nerdy you're feeling, there's also Hearthstone (free; iOS version just came out a couple weeks ago). If you're not familiar, it's basically a much-streamlined version of Magic: The Gathering.
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