Another iPhone Game Recommendation Request
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I'm looking for some light, fairly simple iPhone puzzle-type games, for a 4th-generation iPod Touch running iOS 5.1.

What I like are: games that get harder very gradually, have a lot of levels, and simple (not too busy) graphics. My past favorites tend to be very whimsical: Red Remover, Blocks with Letters On, Cover Orange, Jelly Blocks. And Dooors, though haven't found any other of the doors/floors/exits games anywhere near as appealing.

What I don't like are: RPGs, adventure games, games with plots, scrolling over multiple screens, playing against time, anything that I can't finish at least the easy levels in a few minutes, and anything where the screen is too cluttered or the objects just too small.

What I really don't like are: games that flash and blink, or any games where I can't turn off any sounds that aren't part of the puzzle. I think I would like something like Bejeweled or Piyo Blocks if they just wouldn't blink and flash so much.

I'm fine paying for a game, though it's always nice to be able to try them first. I've looked at everything in this question and this one, and have a few of them on my iPod to try, but would like to stock up for an upcoming trip.

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Polymer is awesome, and free right now.
posted by oulipian at 2:06 PM on March 3, 2013

A few suggestions: Drop7, SpellTower, Hundreds, Puzzlejuice.
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Maybe Quell (video link) would work. I found it pretty simultaneously engaging and calming, although it did eventually get kind of hard.
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It may be too busy for you, but I really loved Trainyard.
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Letterpress is very nice.
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There are two tile sliding puzzle games you could try: Aqueduct and Blockwick. Both have free versions with a smaller selection of levels: Aqueduct 101 and Blockwick 101.
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I'd definitely second the recommendation for Trainyard. That's a great game, and there's so many levels! There's a bunch in the free version, and then even more (compeltely different) ones in the paid version.

Another good one is Huebrix.

Spider may be too busy for you, but the mechanics are simple and the puzzles are good.

On preview: second the recommendations for Aqueduct and Blockwick as well.
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Helsing's Fire.
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Wow, Trainyard looks just like Loco-Motion (1982).
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Fairway Solitaire has been a part of my daily routine for more than a year now. It is the perfect "potty break game," and has charming artwork and sound design, to boot.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. I had a few of these from the previous questions; I'm installing the rest today.
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