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I want some immersive, RPG-style games for Android or iOS. I'm taking a long flight on Friday and I want to sink myself into something fun. I was really hoping Baldur's Gate would be out for iPad before my flight, but it looks like it's been pushed back to next week. I'd like something in the same vein. Preferably something without cutesy, cartoony or 8-bit style graphics.
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Avadon is pretty neat.
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If you haven't played Bastion it's a legitimately amazing game with some of the best music ever.
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Dungeon Hunter is pretty great, and is really fun on the iPad. Please note that this is different from Dungeon Hunters, which is a free-to-play with in-app purchases.
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Superbrother's Sword and Sworcery:EP is really immersive, and more of a point-n-click game. It has a lo-fi graphic style but it's unique and unconventional and I don't think it really detracts from the game.
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Both stores list nethack as available, though the official nethack web page doesn't list either as a supported platform.
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Avernum is a very lengthy RPG with Windows 3.1 style graphics that is actually quite engrossing. It's entirely the work of one guy and feels like such. You control a four-person party that walks around fighting baddies and completing quests. There are tons of side quests, spells, and armor and the game world is huge.

The World Ends With You is an RPG with manga-style art set in Tokyo, but it's not a JRPG. The entire game takes place across maybe a dozen repeatedly visited locales around Shibuya and the main focus is on the combat system, which is adapted really well for iPad. Actually rereading your question it may be too cartoony for you, but I'm not into manga and I still enjoyed it.

Nethack is indeed available as a fan-made port that unfortunately does not seem to be actively updated. There are several ports out there but I'd get the one made by Dirk Zimmerman for the iPhone; it's superior to his attempted iPad port. It's called "iNetHack" and it is free.

King of Dragon Pass is a game I can't recommend highly enough. It's not really an RPG in the traditional sense. It takes place in a fantastical pseudo-Viking world and you play as the leader of a (pseudo-)Viking clan. Throughout the game you get presented with hundreds of different scenarios in which you have to make a decision, e.g. some other clan dishonors one of your men, do you mount a revenge attack, make a legal claim, or do nothing. The game has a very rich internal lore system that you need to learn if you want to win.
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There are a couple of decent if unofficial Nethack and SLASH'EM ports. Dirk Zimmermann does the best ones, IMO.
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Bard's Tale is a bit more twitchy and a bit less roleplay but it's extremely engrossing nevertheless. Lots of plot and story, including the original VO work of Cary Elwes. Highly recommended, an easy 20 hours to play through.

In a similar vein is the wonderful dungeon crawler Pocket RPG which, while it does have "big head" 3D graphics, does have a splendid nethack/moria vibe going on in the dungeon generation. Lots of goodies to unlock. I've played through this twice with all three characters for likely 60 hours of fun.
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Seconding Superbrothers' Sword and Sworcery:EP. It is incredible and only gets better with headphones and 3-6 hours to kill.

If you have a MacBook Air or a steam-capable netbook, check out Faster Than Light.
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A remake of Final Fantasy: Tactics is available for iOS. Even if the traditional FF franchise is not your thing* (not really mine), FFT is by far one of the most enjoyable tactical RPG games I've ever played..hands down. Being originally a PSX game, I think it has held up well too...although probably above your budget unless you catch it when it's on sale from SquareEnix.

Galaxy on Fire 2 is a very decent space RPG....very reminiscent of Privateer and Freelancer.

Would adventure games also fit the bill? There's quite a few like Broken Cross, Monkey Island, etc..

Underworlds is another decent iOS game much like Dungeon Hunters mentioned above (Diablo style hack 'n slash)

One I haven't played yet but have heard good things about is Solomon's Boneyard.

On a personal note, thanks for bringing to my attention Baldur's Gate is around the corner...exciting!

*If the Final Fantasy franchise IS your thing however....there is a wonderful abeit somewhat pricey selection to be found!
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I second seanmpuckett's Bard's Tale recommendation. It's worth noting that both the iOS and Android version of Bard's Tale include the original 1985 "Tales of the Unknown Volume I: The Bard's Tale"; iOS also has Bard's Tale 2 and 3, and they're coming soon to Android.

And the Android version runs great on an HP Touchpad with an ICS CyanogenMod install.
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ditto Galaxy on Fire 2. It's great.
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The Walking Dead has a bit of a classic adventure feel. Take objects, use them later, make decisions.
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I've been playing Heroes Call, which is quite reminiscent of the Baldur's Gate games I played on the PS2 a few years back.
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Response by poster: Wow! So many awesome suggestions! I grabbed Galaxy on Fire 2, Superbrother's Sword and Sorcery and Avernum. I'm really enjoying all three.

I already have Bard's Tale. It's fun, but I can only play it in short bursts.

Now I'm wishing for Neverwinter Nights for some mobile platform.
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Definitely seconding Bastion. I played it on the Xbox, not a touchscreen, but it's a wonderful game in every way. The kind of thing I wish I could experience again for the first time.

And I played Avernum yeeeeears ago and remember being delighted.
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I've been playing knights of pen and paper, which is pretty decent. Retro graphics, characters sit at a table with the gm, travel, travel, quest, kill. Cute, but a bit grindy.
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