Minimal strategy and puzzle games for iOS
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I'm looking for well-designed puzzle and strategy games for my iPhone 5S.

Requirements: Puzzle-wise, I also want the game to be infinitely playable, rather than having levels that will eventually run out. I like basic minimal design (Rymdkapsel) and simple mechanics (Dots), but am also interested in an especially good tower defense game or a 4X game. Free or paid, but no in-app purchases.
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Polymer FYI, there are in-app purchases, but they're not mandatory, and you can unlock many of them for free if you get high scores in certain modes.
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Monument Valley
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I like the lamentably named Lazors. (Disclaimer: I have only played the iPad version, but I don't imagine they're too different.) There are a finite number of levels but there are a ton of them.
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Seconding Trainyard. Also Helsing's Fire.
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I am a big fan of Drop7. Regrettably it's a Zynga game so the design is relatively sucky, but there are no in-app purchases and it is infinitely playable (similar to Tetris). It is the game I used to wean myself off of Dots.
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+1 for Drop7
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+1 for Drop 7 and Trainyard
I also really like Auditorium, and the other games from that studio (like Fractal).
Type Rider is kinda fun too, and looks nice - but not as great as the games above.

(btw, Drop 7 was written by area|code and acquired by Zynga - they at least started off cool.)
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In addition to previously mentioned:

Dropzap 2
Eliss Infinity
Hundreds (100 levels)
Slayin (ostensibly action, but really a puzzle)
Paper Galaxy (action-puzzle and a MeFi Project)
Bubble Shooter Free

A couple of these have cosmetic/skippable IAP.
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Maybe Osmos? There is a lot of variety around the central, simple theme of "getting bigger". The Impasse games where the motes are packed in tight and moving your mote sets the others moving might fit your bill as both minimalist and strategic... I find that part of the game very relaxing and meditative (though other types of play in the game stress me out.) I've had the game for probably three years now and still enjoy playing it most days, in that particular niche, described above. The playing field is randomized each time, too, so it's a new landscape to maneuver each time. Edit--missed that you're on a phone, may only be iPad, sorry!
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Voro. Also, Edge and Edge Extended.
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Monument Valley is charming (though easy), but very short.

Worth playing, but won't last you very long.
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I really liked Poppi, although I don't think they're updating it. (I wanted an endless mode.)
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Oh, and not a game, but iOrnament is good for hours of entertainment. Better on an iPad, but fine on a phone. Worth paying the inApp upgrade for the hyperbolic and spherical tilings.
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Sword & Poker (and/or the sequel) is a neat little RPG card game that's surprisingly replayable.
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Triple Town is super addicting.
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King of Dragon Pass may also fit your bill. It's a game in which you make decisions for your clan, some of which are about resource allocation and some about diplomacy and war, and then some Judge Judy-style law-giving to settle disputes among your people. Most of the decisions have effects that span several turns in the game, leading to some surprises that have a life of their own.
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Welder is the one I go back to time and time again. It's not infinite levels, but it took me a few goes before I could beat it consistently and then they doubled the number of levels required to finish it. You can buy stuff but I have never given any more money after the initial purchase.
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I really, really enjoyed Anthill:
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Also, if you haven't already, Bloons Battles is a pretty fun game.
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Power Grounds.
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Hoplite! It's a wonderful, deep little puzzle game dressed up as a super stripped-down roguelike, where you use a small vocabulary of moves to make turn-based progress through very small, randomly-generated levels while dealing with a few different kinds of enemies. Figuring out the very basics takes all of a couple minutes, but as you push farther into it and try to figure out how to keep yourself alive longer and unlock the various challenge/achievements the game really blossoms. Probably my favorite iOS game in the last year.
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Jewel Mania. It's a match-3 game similar to Candy Crush but way less annoying. There are some limitations to game play - you get five lives and they take an hour to re-charge once they're gone. But I don't mind that because it keeps me from wasting my entire day. I've been playing for at least a year and am on level 400+, so it doesn't appear to have an end!
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I'm changing my answer to Hoplite.
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Dungeon Raid is my preferred cracklike roguelike.
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