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What are your favorite free iPhone/iPod apps for toddlers?

Taking a flight tomorrow with our 18-month old, already have a few but could use more. Apps that are fun on mute preferred.
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OMG we looove Endless Reader and Endless Alphabet. Reader has a monster named Pinkerton who keeps GOBBLING ALL THE COOKIES. Wtf, Pinkerton?!

There's also a Rosetta Stone Kids app, but the lack of Pinkerton is a distinct problem for me.
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Monkey preschool lunchbox.
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Best answer: My 22-month old currently loves Toca Kitchen Monsters and Toca House. Around 18mo he was really into the Duck Duck Moose games like Itsy Bitsy Spider or Old Macdonald; other favourites are Touch Train 3d, Magic Fingers, Kids Doodle, Animal Circus, and, erm, Washing Machine. He also quite likes interactive books like Going To Bed Book or Moo Baa La La La - they're a bit better with sound but it's still fun to make the animals move around. He quite likes the dragon-eating-chips game in Room On The Broom, too.

I will forever be grateful for XScreenSaver which, while simple and not very interactive, managed to keep him distracted during a very long car journey while teething at 15mo.
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I had asked this very question and got some great answers - apps that we are still using today. I will be looking forward to see what else pops up in this thread.
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Sago Mini Forest Flyer. There's a pooping bird!
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My 2-year-old loves Rocket Speller (even though she can't read, she loves to move the letters to their correct places), as well as Look & Find Elmo (that one is 99 cents but worth it).
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My mother-in-law gets a fair amount of mileage out of Balloonimals whenever she's visiting.

And by that, I mean with the smallest of our kids.
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Seconding Endless Alphabet/Reader and ANY TOCA BOCA app. The endless alphabet app fluctuates regularly in price, and the Toca Boca apps occasionally drop to free. Tozzle (which has a free version: Tozzle Lite) is the key to quietness with my 2 year old little guy sometimes.
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Hands down the most popular apps in our household, for toddler and older child, have been the Toca Boca ones - they'll play with the hair salon and toca tailor for hours, and fill my phone with snaps of their creations.

Sometimes it gets a bit weird.
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Best answer: For 18 months definitely anything Toca Boca, but particularly House, Band (needs sound), Train, Birthday Party, and Kitchen Monster are simpler for that age.

Letter School is quite fun, and I second Endless Alphabet (Reader is better for slightly older kids). Tozzle also is great.
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Not free, but nth-ing the Toca Boxa recommendation. We just buy whatever they sell.

For toddlers, Toca Band is fun (maybe not so much for the plane), Toca Doctor, Toca House. They've also got an even littler kid company (maybe starts with an S?) whose apps are likely also good.
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