Cocktail arcade-type games for iOS designed for 2 player tabletop?
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I am looking for games for iOS that are played 2-player at the same time, with the phone flat on a table, one person on each side playing against each other. I don't know what to call this so it's hard to search for more (I think of them like 80's arcade cocktail machines). So far the only ones I've found are OLO (a hybrid of shuffleboard and air hockey), TEN (same company, it's like mega tic-tac-toe) and some checkers/chess games. Are there others? What is this style of game design called?
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It's a clone of Gimme Friction Baby, but they added a head to head mode, played cocktail-style.
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Astro Duel supports 2-4 players.
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One of my family's favorites is Bloop. 2-4 players.
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I have only played the single player version, but Dubble has an across-the-pad 2 player mode.
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Best answer: "Cocktail arcade" or "head to head" is probably the closest terminology you're looking for here. "Splitscreen," "local multiplayer" and "vs. modes" are more broad terms, but won't necessarily have the inverted perspective you're looking for.

Ready Steady Bang has cartoon violence, but is a great dueling game. Tiny Wings HD, Swords & Soldiers HD, and Omicron all have local vs. modes with cocktail-style perspectives. Osmos HD added a local multiplayer mode that's fantastic, too. (I hear Fruit Ninja HD and Flight Control HD have local multiplayer too, but I haven't tried it.)

Metafilter's own Philipp Lenssen has been focused on this idea for a while, with free iPad games like Citybucks, Ogs, and Spikeball.

Hope that helps!
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If intimate puzzle gaming is your thing, there's Fingle. More cooperative play than dueling though.
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TNNS was made by Action Button Entertainment of Ziggurat fame and it's fast n furious pong action. Its 2 player mode is totally 'cocktail table' friendly.
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My friends and I love playing Spaceteam, which is cooperative and has a style of game play that I hadn't seen before on iOS. It requires talking, however. (You're not talking to the game, you're talking to the other player(s)).
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Glow Hockey is an airhockey game that can be played this way (or head-to-head via WiFi/Bluetooth, too). There is also a free version and a version 1 and I can't for the life of me see what the differences are. Except the linked version is $1. That seems to be the main difference.
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Not quite what you asked for but Bounden is 2-player with both of you holding the phone, while dancing.
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Orbit1 supports up to 4 players
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We designed exactly with the arcade cocktail machines in mind! ^-^
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Forget Me Not.

It's Pac-Man on steroids! Super fun. Players sit across from one another and you have half the ipad to control your little boxy avatar.
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King of Opera is ridiculous and hilarious and I suck at it, but it's fun.

I have also played a bunch of air hockey games, but I can't remember which one we liked best.
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Just saw this linked on the MetaPodcast thread...

A British developer called Alistair Aitcheson has made this something of a stock in trade, and has made Greedy Bankers, a 2-player competitive jewel matching game, and Slamjet Stadium, a mix of air hockey and Speedball.
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Ticket to Ride for iOS.
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