Help me find a snazzy new jacket for winter
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I'd like to buy a new parka. Criteria: It must be warm enough for Toronto's winters; it should be available in Toronto or ship there; it shouldn't be too bulky; it should be under $200; and I'd like it to be aqua/turquoise/robin's egg blue with little to no second/other colours. This one would do but it's both too expensive and out of stock. Suggestions?
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Here's one from Eddie Bauer.
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Try the bay they are having a massive sale right now.
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And so is Sears.
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Have you tried the Mountain Equipment Co-op?
Here are their down & synthetic parkas; a few seem to fit your criteria, though $10-30 above $200.
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I got some sort of down? jacket? by Patagonia this fall, and so far it's been great in Fairbanks (mild this season---I think it's gotten down to 0F a couple of times, but mostly it's been in the teens and 20s, bizarre) winter. How cold does it get in Toronto? Anyway, I wear it over a fleece, and it's been great for biking and skiing and walking to work and stuff.

I think mine must be last year's, and I can't tell which of these it is:

ultralight down jacket

ultralight down shirt

but both of those come in a very pretty turquoise. I've been really happy with the jacket. (I bought mine on sale for $150 as a mid-weight coat at REI; I imagine MEC probably carries them too. Although I checked, and they (a) don't in blue, and (b) they cost more. Maybe does?)
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Not in Toronto, but Land's End Modern Down parkas are warm, and this year they're doing a colour called Neptune Blue which is a nice dark turquoise.
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Both Zappos and Sierra Trading Post have a "search by color" option.
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Columbia Sportswear has many coats that fit your bill. I just got the Kaleidescope one, and it's very comfortable. The omni-heat lining is pretty awesome, and makes for a very lightweight jacket. Kaleidescope might be a little light for a Canadian Winter, though. That Turbodown one looks warm. I'm only uncertain about the shipping to Canada...
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