Need the perfect rain coat, because soggy wool isn't cutting it anymore.
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I'm looking for a recommendation for a women's rain coat, with some specific requirements, because I'm really done with freezing in something waterproof or being warm and soggy in wool when it's 30-45F out.

Specifically, I'm looking for:

Ships to the USA.
Is returnable, with free returns, if the fit isn't right.
Is water proof or water resistant. Obvs.
Knee length, like a parka. Not ankle length.
Has a hood. (You'd be surprised how many nice raincoats don't have hoods. Lame.)
Is fleece-lined, including the arms, preferably also the hood. Needs to keep me warm on cold rainy days when it's 30-45F out.
Budget is flexible for the right coat, especially if it comes with a guarantee, but would love to keep it under $200, and under $100 if possible.

Hopefully you yourself have a coat like this, and can recommend. I'm not really so much looking for "hey, this looks pretty warm" links, but rather, "I have this coat, and it keeps me warm and dry in that kind of weather" links.

Thanks in advance!
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I have Eddie Bauer and Columbia jackets that I love to death. One is just a rain shell(with hood) that hits mid-thigh and I wear a fleece vest underneath when its a bit chilly. The other is a coat system of two coats that I can zip together or take apart depending on how cold it is. I would take a look at both their web-sites and see whats available this year. (I caught mine on clearance a few years back) Winters where I am consist of 40F and rain so those are my go to stores.
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How about the Columbia Dusk2Dawn? I don't own this particular raincoat but I've had my eyes on it for about a week. It's got everything you want except no fleece, but it does have Omni-Heat lining instead. My boyfriend has a super lightweight Columbia Omni-Heat coat and he is absolutely in love with how warm it is. Reviews on this one (for the most part) say it's warm enough down to about 20 degrees.
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This Marmot coat is mid-thigh but meets all your other requirements. It is my go-to for damp spring weather.
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I just bought this jacket on sale from Fig Clothing in Montreal, and it is perfect. It shipped very fast (I'm in Canada, but they do ship orders over $50 for free to the continental US as well) and arrived exactly as described. It is fleece-lined, including hood and sleeves--so, warm but light--"sheds rain and snow," has a good big hood, and hits me mid-thigh (I'm 5'2"). Right now where I live the temps match the ones in your question, and I find it very comfortable, warm but not overly so.

This is the longer version--it would hit me below the knee, so if you're not too short it'll be the right length for you. It's about $20 more, but still pretty reasonable, especially with the current US/Canada exchange rate--it'll be about $190 US.

Their clothes are made in Canada and very well constructed, of high quality materials. I ordered a couple of other things from them in the same shipment and am extremely happy.
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I forgot to say: even though it's on sale, it's in the "promotion" category (sale), not the "liquidation" category (final sale), so it is exchangeable if the fit isn't right.
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maybe the Merrell Geraldine? I don't have it, but have other Merrell products that I'm happy with.

Free shipping, free exchanges, but looks like a return is $5.

(apologies, after posting noticed your last line that you're looking for personal rec's, not suggestions.)
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I own this Eddie Bauer trench coat. It comes down to the knees and has a warm button-in liner. And it isn't water "resistant"; it's waterproof. Worth its weight in hail. I wear it often and have owned it almost 3 years. It washes beautifully and is slimming, to boot. Yes, it has a hood.
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