Is 'Planet Earth' still the ultimate Blu-ray nature program?
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My parents have recently joined the Blu-ray generation, looking for something amazing for them to watch.

Since my mother is a big fan of nature films, I figured I could send one along so they have something to actually play in the new machine.

It used to be that 'Planet Earth' was the answer to showing off your new system, is this still the case?
It's coming up on 10 years old, is there a new contender, a Planet Earth 2?

Emphasis is more on pretty pictures and "wow" factor than strictly educational.
Also leaning more towards nature than science, so no 'Cosmos' or similar programs.
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Frozen Planet is another BBC nature special. It's from 2011 and is gorgeous. It's what I bought to see the glory of Blu-Ray when I got my player a year or so ago.
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Anything by director Godfrey Reggio or his cinematographer (and now director) Ron Fricke worked on is a great option, particularly the Qatsi trilogy, Baraka, or Samsara (which is also on Netflix if they have that).
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Definitely not, attenborough' Life is even more jaw dropping imho. Africa and Frozen Planet also have better footage I feel, though obviously location is more limited.

Great Barrier Reef and Yellowstone also have some pretty special footage, though they are short they can also be had quite cheaply.

There was also a French doco called oceans that had some pesto amazing footage imho.
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Best answer: Highly recommend Earthflight -- a nature series covering the globe, one continent per episode, from the perspective of birds.
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In addition to what's been recommended, Chronos is still a freaking classic. One of the original modern imax films, and the imax>blu ray transfer is pretty gorgeous.
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Nthing Chronos - it makes even snail sex look magical.

The BBC "Wild" Series (Wild China, Wild Latin America, Wild Antartica) are pretty fantastic too; some were not originally filmed in HD or for Blu-Ray but the transfers are still beautiful. Most of these are on Netflix streaming right now if you just want to preview them before committing to the Blu-Ray disc editions.
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Pre-order Wonders of the Monsoon if region isn't going to be a problem (and it shouldn't be, I see you have earth as your location). It's an amazing series eliciting many a WOW! Narration to die for from Colin Salmon, great wildlife (we replayed the sprinting lizard over and over) and of course, some jaw-dropping weather.
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Response by poster: Some great things out there, thanks for all the suggestions.

I think I am going to go with Earthflight, since both parents are avid bird people.

Baraka is really amazing, and I think I'm going to get a copy for myself, so thanks for that. I just don't think it's "naturey" enough for my parents.
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