Swoon! Parka love! But I need more information.
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I am on the verge of this parka by Quartz Nature. I have searched the web for reviews of this Quebec company, to no avail. (Really, the NSA would have been proud of my efforts.) I'm more looking for reviews of their coats, rather than of the company, but there's just nothing out there for me to read. Do any of you MeFites happen to be Quartz Nature customers? Do tell all.
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That's a great-looking parka. But what phrase are you Googling? Looking for just "quartz nature reviews" is fetching up a few little write-ups. Admittedly no spiral of hundreds of reviews a la major brands on Amazon, but that exact parka has a review on Cabelas and other retailers have a few reviews. Everything seems to be quite positive.
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They're a small company who seem to make mostly professional-grade outdoor gear. I'm not surprised there are few reviews. Have you searched for reviews in French, too?
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Best answer: My hubby got me this parka (in green) last year and I love it to bits! We live in Northern BC where it was-35 when I walked the dog last this morning and I was comfortable wearing just a base layer underneath. It's super warm, and gets a lot of compliments. I took off the furs on the wrist, but left the ones on the hood. They are all removable. Memail me if you have any specific questions, I'm happy to answer!
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Oh, my - that is yummy.
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Best answer: I just bought their expedition coat, for the wilds of downtown Ottawa.

I love it. Good quality, and put together in a thoughtful way.
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This always happens. I am looking to replace a 30-year-old Eddie Bauer parka. I had never heard of Quartz Nature until I read your post. I got curious about the company and looked at their website. Yes, the coats look very interesting, but the website says they don't have any retailers anywhere near Kingston ON, where I am now living. Yesterday I was downtown to buy something entirely unrelated, and I walked into Trailhead, a local outdoor sports store. It turns out they do, in fact sell Quartz Nature coats. (YAY Trailhead! I recommend them!) I tried on the Matias, which is the polyester-filled model. (Down is great, but higher-maintenance than I want to deal with.) After wearing it around the store for 20-30 minutes, I bought it.

After I got home, I wore the coat for about 2 hours while I shovelled snow off the drive. My initial impressions are very positive. The design is tidy and uncomplicated, and the construction is substantial. There are two cargo pockets, two outside breast pockets, and one inside breast pocket. All the pockets have zippers. (Inexplicably, those two small pocket flaps above the front cargo pockets seem to be purely decorative.) It has some sensible touches, like little belaying loops to keep the ends of the drawstrings under control. Use your own judgement, but you probably don't have to wear many layers under this coat - it's plenty warm by itself. (So bear that in mind when you try them on for size.) My impression is that they are similar in quality to Canada Goose Down coats, but less expensive and without the d*chebag logos.

tl;dr- I had never heard of Quartz Nature coats until I read your post, then 18 hours later I bought one. Initial impressions are very positive.
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