Warm jacket suggestions
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Good warm jacket suggestions

I am in the market for a warm jacket (womens) for a very cold weather (-15F). This is for daily wear. Currently looking at Landsend but frankly have my doubts about it. Hopefully not too bulky (not a big fan of Down) Any and all suggestions would be welcome. Any links to sale items would be great too, thank you

Listing the details below--

-Warm jacket for -15F weather
-no down material
-not too bulky
-with a hood (really would prefer that)
-waterproof as I live in a city with a lot of rain
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I have this Eddie Bauer coat, and it is a really good coat. The button in lining is far warmer than I expected (it was 20f with wind and I wasn't cold). I got it to use as an autumn raincoat, and have yet to switch to my down winter coat.

It comes in all sizes, isn't very bulky, and has a zip off hood. My only complaints with the coat is that I wish that the inner pocket had a zip, and that the hood is too big (I plan on having an adjustment strap added to make it better).
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Check out Alpha Industries' parkas.
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Ops, Womans Parkas.
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If you're looking at Lands End, how about LL Bean? 1, 2, 3. #3 is especially versatile.
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I have this one, which is link #1 in dersins' comment above. I was coming in to suggest it because it's not bulky at all, it has a fairly lean profile, the hood is great, it's lined with a nice quality pile, and it's incredibly warm. I also wear it in the rain. I am not entirely sure that it's waterproof, you could call LL Bean. But it's been raining a lot around here lately and I wear my Winter Warmer Coat instead of my raincoat. It's very well-made and the colors are nice (I ordered several colors but eventually settled on black because I am boring like that).
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Oops, I actually have the jacket, which is in link #2 of dersins' comment.....
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What's your budget? Canada Goose is phenomenal, but not cheap.
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Are you sure you're not in the market for 2 different coats? I can't see any coat that's going to keep you nice and warm at -15 also being comfortable when its warm enough to rain.
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It is not a jacket per se, but I love my Lands' End Insulated Squall Parka. The bonus points for me are-
  • Machine washable
  • Detachable hood
  • Front pockets help me stay warm because I'm holding my hands closer to my body
  • Lower pockets are deep enough for stashing gloves, subway pass, keys, etc.
  • Waterproof shell

    I'm 5'3" and bought this in regular size Small because I like having long sleeves, and can also wear an additional sweater underneath.

    The only con I can think of, is that it can feel rather bulky. In my case, I also bought the Regular Squall Parka (non-insulated) in one size smaller. It's much less bulky, but I only wear it on warmer days.

    I don't own the Hooded Squall Jacket, but if it's anything like the parka, I think it's worth a try!

    If you don't mind a limited color selection, Lands' End has previous versions of the Squall collection on sale.

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    I have the L.L. Bean winter warmer coat that is # 1 in dersins post. Just as lakers1222 says, it is incredibly warm and not at all bulky. The length is good - just above the knee and covers the bum. The hood is great and the colors are nice (mine is raspberry.) I work outside and bought and returned several coats from Lands' End and Eddie Bauer before finding this one. Keeps me dry in the rain and warm all day.
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    Both L.L Bean and LandsEnd allow you to sort by warmest outerwear. I'd go for the warmest non-down parka at either retailer; call and chat with them about it; they use different temperature ratings. -15F is really cold, and I recommend long underwear, a fleece shell, and good gloves, hat & scarf, along with well-insulated footwear. I have a wool shawl that I use as a scarf in winter, and have even used it as a shawl over a jacket when I'm cold; it helps, and it's nice to have at work on draft-y days.
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    Canada Goose are phenomenal jackets. I also like HH Helly Hansen they have outlets.
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    Thank you everyone.
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    Quick update

    I found Wild Things Belay jacket which is super super warm! Really is something to consider if you live in cold climates.
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