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Retailhelp: I've decided to buy a new winter coat, online, today. Problem is, most everything out there is on clearance or in limited sizes. I'm looking for some collective hunting help.

Criteria: womens, wool, black/charcoal, size 16, flattering/fitting/unique, under $300. So far, these are my contenders: button down tweed coat, patch pocket wool coat, moleskin car coat, alpaca and wool velour coat. I like all of these, but for various reasons they just aren't "right". However, they should give y'all a good sense of what I'm looking for.
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You've probably already looked, but I wanted to note that JCrew is having its winter sale right now, and there are some adorable coats on sale, well within your price range -- unfortunately most of the 16's skew towards the tan/white colors (besides this fun jade).
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Have you had a look on QVC? There's a whole range of styles on the website, and there's a no-quibble 30-day money back returns policy if you don't like your choice.
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i've had great luck (and cheep!) with sierra trading post.

happy hunting...
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Have you tried Bluefly yet? I've had luck with them in the past.
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Response by poster: I'm working on a JCrew find through eBay as we speak. QVC and Sierra Trading were interesting, but no nice. I tried Bluefly a few days ago and came up empty, but it wouldn't hurt to try again -- all of the online retail sites are starting to merge in my mind. Thanks for your help so far.
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Land's End?

This is pretty damn groovy, available at Nordstrom, in black, in your size, $165.90.
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Talbots end-of season sale
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This one is pretty cool, if you like tweed. If not, this one is not too bad and very fuzzy.
This one is lighter/thinner, but has embroidery. This has a more standard cut to it, and this one is reversible.
This one is velvet. And here is a page of links to other coats.
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Response by poster: Hey, just to roundup: I bought this in black at my local Old Navy. Uninspired, but truly cheap after their 30% special this morning. Thanks for the help!
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