Curiousity Killed the Cancer
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Need some some software for viewing DIRCOM files of a PET scan. I've downloaded the Julius framework software and it looks like my work computer here isn't powerful enough to run it. I'm hoping someone knows of fast easy and free software for viewing these scans.

Now, IANAD, but these are my scans and I can't wait until I go see the doc in mid-January to take a look at 'em. While I used to be an X-Ray tech, it was before all of this digital stuff happened, so I'm at a loss as to how to look at 'em. The CT scans on another disk had a viewer included, but the PETs are all on their own.

Granted, I could wait until I got home, but I wanna see how bad the cancer was before and how good it is now. Plus, it's the last day at work before a three day break, so my mind's not in a work mode anyways. Wait a minute. Did he just try to play the cancer card for sympathy? Ooohhhhh what a bastard.
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Best answer: I work with DICOM files on a daily basis, and I hate them. I think the easiest way to get a peep at them would be to use imagemagick, which is generally a pretty good tool for messing about with images. On Mac OSX, I might try OsiriX, which will do fancy 3d stuff.
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Response by poster: I wound up being to busy at work to keep playing with the scans, but when I got home I downloaded OsiriX on the Mac which is aSTOUNDing! Thanks tew!
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