The sheets... they float
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My partner, for the lack of a better term, is a "squirter". NSFW details inside.

I don't even know how to phrase this, so I'll jump right in. My girlfriend enjoys deep vaginal penetration -- really deep -- along with g spot stimulation. I enjoy it too, so we're good there. We're monogamous, tested and comfortable exchanging all sorts of fluids.

The hitch is, she seems filled, and I mean *filled*, with some bottomless reservoir of unknowable liquid and we are shredding bedding.

We had a stash of those hospital absorbent pad things, but they don't last forever. Beach towels are vanishing quickly and we just can't afford to buy any more sheets or mattress pads. We have adolescents around so can't fully rubberize the bed or do anything too radical. I'm at a loss, and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about possibly reducing the fluid output while maintaining the full orgasmic goodness of that explosive release? Does that even make sense?
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Have you tried having fun in the bathtub?
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I'm confused about this. Are you destroying all this bedding, or just soiling it nightly?

Can you not just wash this stuff? It sounds like a lot of laundry, but certainly cheaper and easier than buying new every time you have sex.
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The "Throe" is a bedspread that has an inner waterproof liner. It is specifically designed for wet sex. Liquids just bead up and it's machine washable! They're like $80 online. Same brand that makes the Liberator sex positioning wedges.
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A bit expensive, but what about a Fascinator Throe.
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You need a washable incontinence bed pad. Available on Amazon or any random medical supply store. They make ones that are large & quilted so it's not like you'd feel like you were doing it on plastic.
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Yeah, my friend (no, really, my friend) whose body includes that feature really likes their Liberator Throe (linked above.)
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I'm not clear on why having adolescents in the house means you can't put a rubber sheet under your fabric sheet, and then wash the fabric sheet.
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...and we are shredding bedding

Hey, can you clarify what you mean by this phrase? Do the chemicals from her squirting break down the fibers of the bed lining? Or the sheets are wet and easily torn as you guys go at it? Or are y'all just throwing out the bedding?!
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Sounds like what you need is a fuck towel. Get an old bathtowel or beach towel that you don't care about any more, lay that down when y'all are gonna get busy, have at it, and just keep rewashing the towel. Keep it under the bed or something, so it's in easy reach but also not likely to be added back into regular use.
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A friend of mine purchased something from brolly sheets.
We tested it and found it surprisingly efficacious. It also comes in a nice innocent blue gingham, so hanging it on the washing line afterwards wasn't as embarrassing as it might have been.
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Another happy vote for the Liberator Throe, we have two and they are definitely awesome. The ability to drag them to various areas of the house other than the bed comes in, uh, handy.

Comfortable, too!
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Yeah - a 'friend', um, told me about his partner having this problem...before you go spending any money on special equipment, like Empress says, just use towels first. They also have the added benefit of turning the hips for better access. You probably already have some, and they just go in the wash with everything else.
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If the waterproof stuff is for some reason not around, do it over the edge of the bed, depending on your floor situation. Usually there is some warning, right?
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Luna makes great waterproof mattress pads. I have one mostly in case of dog accidents but it has many protective uses...
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Use a waterproof barrier with a towel on top. A plastic-backed dropcloth would work. Those are fairly cheap and can be washed when necessary. An old shower curtain would also work in a pinch, just put something on top to absorb the outflow.

If your partner really wants to minimize the fluid production, maybe drink less water in the few hours leading up to your encounters? Or have some clit-focused orgasms and save the g-spot stimulating stuff for a big finale? Have sex in the bathroom?
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At the risk of outing myself, I'm a guy who really enjoys women who squirt and have been lucky to have several like-minded partners. In my experience there's a range of volume from "a little wetter than usual" to "where did that come from?" and occasionally "we're gonna need a bigger boat." However— rarely have I found activities to exceed the capacity of a couple strategically-placed towels. So I'm with EmpressCallipygos on the fuck towels; keep them handy, wash them often, and make sure your guests can't inadvertently grab the wrong ones.
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Go to thrift store.

Buy a big pile of old towels.

Keep them under the bed.
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Waterproof mattress protector, folded towel or two, and don't be afraid to take a loo break before the real fun starts.

Or so I've heard :-)
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This from IKEA is waterproof.
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Waterproof mattress protector underneath the sheets. It stains but will keep the water out of the mattress. Just wash it along with the sheets and you will be fine.

Also edge of the bed is better , rather than middle.
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Rubberized mattress liner plus like ten large quilted incontinence pads (rubberized, absorption core) so you can rotate them. I had a partner who produced litres of fluid, and we finally managed to contain it this way.
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