Shoes like Clarks Redbones?
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I have a pair of Clarks Redbone oxfords. They're my favorite shoes, and it shows: they're pretty near falling apart. I went online to order a new pair, but apparently they've been discontinued (tried a dozen different websites, all out of stock, and they're no longer listed on the Clarks site). Is there another line of shoes that is very similar to Redbones that I can order instead?
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You might well have success looking on Ebay for them. The one big risk of buying on Ebay is not knowing your size, but given you already know your size in this style, you won't have a problem there. If you wanted to be really thorough, you could simply search for "Clarks [your size]" in Men's (I assume), and look through all the results, as some people selling something don't know the style name (especially individuals selling their own used things). However you might well find what you're looking for by searching the style itself, which would obviously save you time in your search. Since it's a recent style, you might be able to find a new pair from a liquidator liquidating their stock on Ebay (I've found comparable things this way before), or possibly also someone's used pair if you're game for that.
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The style looks like a lot of Keens; maybe you can try something from them if you can't find the Clarks. I've never worn Keens myself, but I've heard they're well-made and comfy.
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