Help me remember a 4X game from the 1990's
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There was a Windows 4X game I played in the 1990's I'd like to play again, but I can't remember the name of it.

It was a space game, and the stars were connected by transit lines, which were the only ways to get from one star to another. It permitted multi-player, and a friend of mine and I used to play it on my LAN. It ran on Win95, and the graphics were really good. The AI was legendarily lousy; it became a bit notorious for that. What was most distinctive about it was that the weapons had names like Zapotron. They sounded like Spaceman Spiff's arsenal.
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What's "Windows 4X?" I've never heard of it, I was an MCSE in 1997, and Google isn't helping.
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Ascendancy? Weapon list here.
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What's "Windows 4X?"

4X = explore, expand, exploit, exterminate. Games like Civilization.
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Oh, a game style. Nevermind!
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It's almost certainly Ascendancy. Had space lanes and terrible AI. They did an "aggressor" patch that supposedly improved the AI, but I didn't notice any difference. Also had great music/art/lore.

I think they actually released an iphone version a while back.
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Good graphics, legendarily lousy AI = ASCENDANCY
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IIRC the AI in this game was so awful that you could win by playing the first turn and then hitting END TURN repeatedly without ever doing anything else.
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Thanks, everyone, Ascendancy was the game!

Looks like I remembered wrong about it being multi-player. Now that I think about it, there was a different obscure 4X game we played on my LAN. But I don't remember that one well enough to give any hints about what it was.
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Chocolate Pickle: Masters of Orion I or II? They sound similar enough that you might have mixed them up with Ascendancy.
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