Finger waves in New York?
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A question from my fiancée: Bromius and I are getting married in Brooklyn in May. I have a vintage-y wedding dress and about five inches of hair, so I figure finger waves are the way to go for the big day. I'm not from NYC and I don't know any hair stylists in the area. Are there any you would recommend that can do finger waves/retro-y hair? Bonus points for makeup artist recommendations (retro-y or not). Thanks!
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My friend Steph at Fox & Boy in Manhattan does a great job with retro hairstyles. I don't know any makeup artists offhand, but there is a new makeup salon called Rouge and I've heard good things. Steph probably knows some makeup artists too.
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My stylist Sue did AMAZING fingerwaves as part of my updo for a recent event.
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Do you have naturally curly hair? If so, you might want to check out Devachan. I had my hair done in a soft fingerwave sort of style, and loved it.
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Parlor salon can probably help. They do both hair and makeup, and they handle a lot of weddings. Give them a trial run before your wedding day.
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See your MeMail.
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I can confirm that Rouge is awesome (my friend is one of the founders and I have been 3 times already).
They also do housecalls if you want them to come to you and they have pink suitcases with lips on them!
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