Buying corsets in NYC and online
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Looking for recommendations for places to buy corsets, both in NYC and online. I am familiar with Orchard Corset. Thanks for any other ideas!
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Best answer: Dark Garden is one online option - the store is in San Francisco.
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When I was working on my post about historical costuming, I came across this site, which has a directory and reviews of corset-makers. I don't think she has reviews of anyone in NYC, but it might give you some places to research.
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A friend of mine is starting one in Hong Kong: Pearls and Arsenic. If you need something more immediate, send me a MeMail and I can put you guys in contact with one another.
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Here, from forever ago, is's FAQ . Section 2 has a large list of corset-makers, though not all are still in business.
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I bought a corset from Timeless Trends at a convention; it's pretty affordable for RTW steel-boned, but not comparable to a custom-made or higher-end corset.
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You should check out RedThreaded on Etsy. I've never purchased from her, but I've seen her work and it is amazing. She creates some truly beautiful corsets & costumes! If I was in the market, I'd purchase from her!
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Purple Passion in Chelsea has a small selection, and they're very helpful and kind. It's a fetish store, in case that bothers you.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the ideas so far! Fetish is cool. Definitely looking on the higher end. Custom a possibility, too.
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Dark Garden has a very good reputation fwiw.
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La Belle Fairy on etsy makes AMAZING stuff, really really gorgeous and high quality.
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MayFaire Moon is based out of Philly and does gorgeous work.
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I have an underbust Axfords in red leather that I adore. A+, would shop there again. Not cheap, but... very nice indeed.
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Wyte Phantom is a friend of mine. She's based in the UK, but her rates are competitive. If you decide to go custom, she is a genius with fit and very willing to work with customers' ideas.

I've been wearing her stuff since forever, and can vouch for the excellent quality of her work.
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I have Dark Garden and Timeless Trends corsets. Both are good, for their price points, but I strongly recommend in-person fitting if you can make that happen, at least for a first sizing/fitting.
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Delicious Corsets is based in Philadelphia. I used to work at a shop in Denver that ordered custom and ready-to-wear corsets from them all the time, and the quality is outstanding.
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Are you just looking for a fashion corset or do you also want waist-training or similar benefits?

I don't know much about merchants/makers, just that that makes a difference, especially as far as cost goes and whether it'd be a good idea to order online. I used to have a few just for lingerie/photography/etc purposes, and I just had good luck on Amazon for a couple. But I wasn't going to be wearing them a ton and wasn't seeking anything but a fun look, so spending less money for something pretty but maybe not durable or constricting made sense. That way I could buy more of them!
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Response by poster: Fashion corsets, thanks.
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Response by poster: As it happens, the friend I was interested in buying a corset for lives in the Bay Area, so on a recent visit, we went in to Dark Garden. It's a great store. Really cool place inside, amazing selection, and very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They gave my friend a great fitting—I was slack-jawed watching her emerge from the dressing room, and I still smile thinking about it.

Fortunately, she fit perfectly into an off-the-rack size, so I was able to buy her a beautiful red corset with a lacey black overlay, similar in appearance to the one pictured here (but an overbust). Thank you so much for the suggestion. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-quality corset and a great experience to match.
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