Best New York tailors for alterations?
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Best New York tailors for alterations?

I've looked through the (many) previous AskMes on tailors in NY, but most of those posts are a bit old or are not specifically asking about a tailor for alterations. What I'd like to do: have two off-the-rack suits tailored to fit me better, and have 3-5 shirts tailored to cut down the sleeve length and, if possible, cut the back so that it doesn't balloon out so much. What are my options? And, just so I can know roughly what to expect, about how much should I expect to pay?

Thanks, all!
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I can vouch for "Michael the Parisian Tailor" (who I think is actually italian). 212 3rd Ave, between 18th and 19th. He did a decent job repairing various shredded clothes of mine, including an old, heavy wool pea coat.

This was a while ago. I remember his rates being about market average, but I don't know what they would be now. Ask for his rate card, and see if it works for you.
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Also try here.

I have had alterations done at Hong Kong Tailor Jack in the Village. Tiny shop that doesn't look like much, but they can tailor a suit really well in like 3 days.
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Hong Kong Tailor Jack in the Village

Seconded. They're quite popular, so get there earlier in the day, rather than later. And don't lose your ticket!
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HK Tailor Jack is pretty amazing (he can drop a suit jacket a size, for example) - but very busy. Raoul's on Mott Street is where the Varvatos store sent me once for alterations on a suit I got there and they did a great job quickly.
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot!
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Beyond Bespoke charges $25 per seam so you are looking at $50 to $100 per shirt for a perfect fit.

Beyond Bespoke Custom Suit Tailors and Alterations
245 Park Avenue
Suite # by Appointment
New York, NY 10167
(646) 417-8220
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