How to serve homemade noodles with a rib roast?
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How to serve homemade noodles with a rib roast?

We are trying to combine 2 families Christmas menus as my husband and I do Christmas dinner this year. He and his clan are perfectly happy with me bringing all my Australian/British hybrid touches to the meal (crackers, mince pies, pavolas, etc) but all that my husband has requested is could I do my homemade egg noodles with the meal as it is one of his favourite holiday dishes and his grandma used to serve it for Thanksgiving.

I am more than happy to as that's the fun part of combining Christmases, but I have no idea how to serve the noodles as I am only used to making them as part of an Italian style pasta dishes. I am doing a pretty traditional British style roast, though using a US style standing rib roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, sausage and apple stuffing and assorted roasted veg.

I already have a recipe I like for egg noodles that I'll use and they will most likely be fettuccine style. I just can't picture how noodles and roast of any sort go together any suggestions on ways to serve the noodles much appreciated,
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Butter, salt, and fines herbes.
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I usually serve slices of roast beast atop a bed of noodles and drizzled in gravy. Since the gravy will have a hint of fat in it, tossing the noodles with a bit keeps it from sticking.
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Is your husband expecting Italian-style noodles? Or more of a eastern-european kugel thing?

How about drenched in butter, salt, pepper and Mizithera cheese?

Or, braise some cabbage (I use pre-cut cole slaw) in lots of butter and mix in with the noodles.

Discuss with your husband what his expectations are, because if you come to the table with X and he was really expecting Y, then it will be for naught.
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He is after a more Eastern European/Polish style noodle.

Italian style recipes I have a plenty.

Sorry I should have made that clear.
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Ask your husband what he has in mind. If it were me, I'd serve the noodles buttered with salt and a fair amount of black pepper. I think that they'll make a great bed for the roasted meat and pan juices.
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Oh, then Noodles and Cabbage is the way to go. Lots of Butter makes it YUMMY!

Fresh Express makes Angel Hair Cole Slaw, which is really just grated cabbage. Put in a big pan and sautee in a whole stick of butter. Boil your noodles and toss with the cabbage, salt and pepper. Easy-peasy. It's really good with egg noodles. But I used gluten-free noodles and it was divine. Should work fine with Fettucini.

This is a Polish/Ukrainian/Romainian dish and I absolutely LOVE it!

Super easy, delicious and should match really well with your roast and veggies.
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Yeah, noodles and cabbage (with lots of butter) sound like it'd work. Add poppy seeds!
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What quince said, plus sauted mushrooms, finished-off with brandy/cognac.
Roasted cipollini, or pearl onions wouldn't hurt either.
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The way the "Pennsylvania Dutch" do, in browned butter
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You've already got gravy: no need to do anything to the noodles but serve 'em plain.
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When I was a kid we ate stroganoff with egg noodles all the time; they were usually shorter and wider than fettuccine, but I would think a beef gravy would go very nicely with some buttery noodles.
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My mom would serve a beef roast with egg noodles tossed in butter and breadcrumbs, topped with mushrooms and gravy. I think she just used the store-bought Italian breadcrumbs, but I'd probably make my own and season them according to the gravy/mushroom seasoning to make it mesh together.

The breadcrumbs mesh with the butter and gravy and thicken it into this yummy creamy delicious warming dish.
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What everybody else is saying: butter, salt, some herbs, and the gravy from the roast. The cabbage sounds excellent as well. I'd make them wider and/or thicker than fettuccine, though; perhaps something like this. Or heck, do you think you could figure out how to make spƤtzle?
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Lots of butter and herbs on plain noodles it is. I'll have a heaps of gravy as it's my favourite part of the roast. I'll save the cabbage idea for when my FIL in law isn't around (he's a one man methane factory) but it sounds good too.
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Just jumped in to say ya, if it's polish/eastern Europe then brown gravy on noodles is a thing. A tasy delicious thing.
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