Playstations not playing well with NAT?
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I'm a network wrangler at a university. I keep reading articles in the consumer press that that the new playstations have issues in a NAT environment. I'm trying find out what's actually going on with it but my google-fu is failing because all my searches are overwhelmed with results containing, say, instructions for how to set up your linksys home router to do the right thing. Which isn't quite as applicable to my enterprise-level Juniper SRX firewalls. Anyone have pointers to a more enterprise-level technical documentation on this? I'd like to have a good idea of what the issues are before I try and put dorms full of PS4-wielding kids on a NAT network. Thanks!
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Have you looked at Sony's own documentation regarding ports that need to be open/forwarded?
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The home grade router setup instructions are assuming there is one router (and IP) per PS4, and just the ports need to be forwarded internally from the external IP to the correct internal one.

If you have less external IP addresses than students, you can't forward the ports internally.
The students will just have to live with the limited connectivity the school can provide. (They should be studying at university anyway ;)

If you are just translating internal to external, and there are enough IP's, then there should be a way to make the port forwarding happen. Not having an enterprise level firewall i can't tell you precisely.
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Response by poster: I think I'm overthinking this. The basic issue with NAT (more ips inside than outside) applies to ps3 's and everyone else. Based on OHNOEZ articles, I was expecting something PS4-specific - I was trying to figure out if they were doing something stupid and weird at the IP layer. (I keep running into random appliances with badly implemented stacks that require stupid weird things when traversing a firewall, so I figured this was another instance of something to make John Postel spin in his grave.)
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