Slim Slacks of the shelf, anyone?
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Where do the more fashionable young men in NYC get their slacks? I need some nice pants and I don't want to look like my father. Where can I get some fashionable, slimmer, non-break, pants in NYC?

More details:

I have a wedding to go to in the first week of March, it is in Jamaica and fairly casual so I am trying to keep things light. That being said, I do not want to be as casual as my parents have suggested (t-shirt under sports coat, shorts at anytime.)

I plan on wearing this sports coat. I have just about everything I need for the rehearsal dinner, etc. Now I just need some more formal pants to go with the coat for the actual wedding. I am 24, fairly skinny, and normally wear a 32-32 jean.

Suggestions for specific pants, as well as stores that I may not have heard of already would be very much appreciated. I would prefer not to have to go to a tailor, but understandably that is how you get the best fit. My budget is in the $100-$250 range.

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Check out Uniqlo's J+ line. They're the only ones who makes pants that will fit me like "normal" pants fit people who aren't short and skinny. Bear in mind that you can't wear them off the rack; they'll need to be tailored for length. I think they do it for free in-store, though.
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I would prefer not to have to go to a tailor, but understandably that is how you get the best fit. My budget is in the $100-$250 range.

Generally, the sets of "really nice slacks" and "slacks that provide fine-grain choices of inseam length" are non-overlapping.

For what you're looking for, I swear by Rag and Bone. Or, at least, I would, if I could afford it.
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Check out Bonobos online (and you can always visit their NYC office where they will custom measure and order).
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I would go to J. Lindeberg.
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Man, if I had $250 to spend on pants, I'd immediately go to Epaulet.
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Men in New York City get their fashionable slacks at Bergdorf Men's Store.

Do not be intimidated. The third floor is like, young cool trendy stuff. Second floor is slightly more stuffy, and has the made-to-measure tailors. First store is grab-bag; swimsuits, the Loro Piana store, this and that, and of course the Enormous Tie Room.

You should go and look at Zegna (second floor store) and Loro Piana. (Plus, that way, almost everything else will seem cheaper to you.) Then cruise the third floor. For a Jamaica wedding, I'd DEFINITELY go look at Etro.

(MeMail me with questions if you like.)
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Seconding Uniqlo. Especially if you're tall, they're the best value in pants in NYC.
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2nding Epaulet.
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I have nothing but love for my Bonobos slacks. While some of their stuff is utterly horrible, Dockers D1 Slimfit chinos are great. Also, try hitting up a Barney's, and if you're lucky you'll be able to grab some really good stuff on the cheap.

Incotex is another name I've seen bandied about a lot, but I've never found a pair within a normal person's budget, so YMMV.
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Uniqlo FTW.
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Express makes a slim cut line of pants called the photographer series. They're fairly reasonably priced and get good reviews. I don't have a pair, but they're what I'll try when I need new pants.
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nthing Uniqlo. Whenever I want slim fit stuff that doesn't look "designed" I go there.
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Response by poster: Thank you, everyone, for all the suggestions so far. I will be doing the rounds this weekend trying to find the perfect fit. (I tend to be picky.)

New question... Anyone have any idea where I could get a shirt with a similar pattern to this for less than $100. I really like it, but can't justify the price considering the number of great shirts I have been able to get on sale at Brooks Brothers for closer to $50...

Thanks again.
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Co-Op Barney's Slim Leg Chino Trouser.
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Go to Epaulet and talk to Mike. He knows what's up.
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(Also, his shirts are the best fitting shirts I've ever worn)
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Nthing Uniqlo. They'll have you covered on slacks, and they might have a shirt that works too.
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Well, there's this shirt at Urban Outfitters. If you happen to look good in their fit, the quality (or lack thereof) won't be terribly noticeable. This shirt also has an interesting pattern.

Or perhaps something at Zara would work?

And yeah, Uniqlo is also a good bet for both the pants and shirts.
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Barney's warehouse sale started today. Might be worth a look.
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If you don't want your trousers to break, you need to go to a tailor. It's the only way to get an exact inseam length.

With that jacket, make sure to get pants with enough contrast. Dark gray, white/cream, khaki, or navy. Lighter colors might be better for the Caribbean.

Howard Yount has a good selection of really well made pants. I picked up a few pairs recently and have been very happy with them. It sounds a little silly to describe $175 pants as being a bargain, but for what you get they sort of are.

They don't have a physical retail store, but are based in NYC, so shipping should be quick. I've heard they can also arrange for local pick up if you're in a rush.
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