Looking for awesome boogie piano
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I'm looking for excellent piano tracks, particularly boogie woogie and rag time. I'm looking for upbeat songs that have rhythm. I tend to like early rock and jazz not electronica. Songs that come to mind are Duke Ellington's Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue, anything by Booker T and the MGs. That kind of thing. Vocals are optional. Thanks.
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Really anything by Fats Waller or Jelly Roll Morton ought to do you
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Anything by Mr. B (Mark Braun). Here's one example (the first 45 seconds are intro, so don't give up during them). Here's another, again, getting more into it around the 1 minute mark. Enjoy.
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Also Craig Brenner. For example
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The Big Three in Boogie are:

Meade Lux Lewis
Pete Johnson
Albert Ammons

But also check out "Roll 'Em" by Mary Lou Williams and "Boogie Woogie on the St. Louis Blues" by Earl Hines
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A few other worthy practitioners are:

Harry "the Hipster" Gibson

Will Bradley and Ray McKinley


Amos Milburn
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Marcia Ball, if you like a little New Orleans-style blues with your boogie-woogie.
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Carl Sonny Leyland, newly inducted into the BW hall of fame
Jay McShann
Freddie Slack
Pinetop Perkins

If you like boogie woogie and ragtime you probably would also like some of the monster stride pianists such as Lucky Roberts, Willie the Lion Smith, James P. Johnson, Ralph Sutton, Donald Lambert
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Stride is the best. My lifelong project is to learn James P. Johnson's Carolina Shout.
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Professor Longhair.
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You should seek out some Jools Holland playing with SQUEEZE, such as this
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This is totally cool, Jools and Dr. John
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