Rush Limbaugh Boogie soundtrack?
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Does anyone know the song looped in the background of The Rush Limbaugh Boogie? Whoi's the artist? Where can I purchase it? Thanks.
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Unfortunatly, most YTMNDer's don't cite their sources... go ahead and downvote this guy (mostly because he stole my idea!). Your best bet would be to search other sites with 'boogie' and see if the song shows up there, and see if that person actually cited the source.
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There is a complete YTMND wiki at their site. Somewhere on it is a page that gives the lowdown on popularly used songs.
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Its called Chaccaron I have the original video somewhere. I believe the guy is mexican. Do a google search for chaccaron for youtube links.
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Sorry. I spelled it wrong. Chacarron is the correct spelling.

Heres where to buy it. (Ive bought from these guys before they are reliable)
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Thank you so much, skrike.
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The singer is "El Mudo" (the deaf guy)

You can see the original video here.
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According to wikipedia the singers name is El Chombo and is incorrectly attributed to El Mudo. And they are from panama, my bad on thinking mexico, but I was basing it on the video I saw not the rap one the original one with the trucks and the funeral.

And seriously is he really deaf? Or are you just saying that because he sounds like it, because I dont see that mentioned anywhere. If he is thats crazy!
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"El Mudo" means "the deaf guy", so I was just translating it as a courtesy. I assumed the commonly attributed name was the correct one.

As to whether he really is deaf, probably not. Between El Mudo, El Chombo and Andy's Val Gourmet I'm not quite sure who performs the song at this point.
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This Buffalo Road ad is totally unrelated to Chacarron.

Anecdote: I was teaching a music class last fall and played this for my students to demonstrate current manifestations of the habanera rhythm (work with me here) and one of my students had a five minute laughing fit. She is from the Dominican Republic and said that this song was played constantly there that summer, and it was all she heard. She couldn't wait to get back to the US where she would finally escape the song.
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Oh, and here's Chacarron on YouTube.
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I'm not very smart.
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re buffalo road: I'm not sure which I love more, the animated buffalo, the "rap," or the fact that the ad aparently airs during pro wrestling.
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