"Boogie with Stu" ... and who else?
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Lately, I've found myself listening to the Led Zeppelin track "Boogie with Stu," from the Physical Graffiti album, pretty much nonstop. Although I'd heard the piece before, recently I've been discovering just how much fun it is, and hence, I'm looking for recommendations of songs/albums that have a similar style/feel (uptempo, danceable, piano boogie, etc., but preferably instrumental and available via iTunes).

FWIW, I'm aware that Ian Stewart (of the song title) played piano on this track, that he worked with the Rolling Stones occasionally as well as with Charlie Watts' Rocket 88 jazz band in the '70s-'80s, and that he died prematurely in the mid-'80s, but I'm not concerned exclusively on his recordings alone. Pretty clearly Stewart worked consciously from a larger musical tradition, just one that I'm not as familiar with.
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The intro to Flight 505. Stu at his best.
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Surely worth checking out more than a little Dr. John, I'd think.
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I would start with Pinetop Smith, and what he hath wrought.
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As you know by Googling it, the songs lyrics are ripped off from an homage to Ooh My Head by Richie Valens.
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Anyway, lots of late era Mott the Hoople has that kind of boogie-woogie piano and simple drumbeat. All the Way From Memphis
Roll Away the Stone
One Bitten Twice Shy
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