Why did Glasgow need it?
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ScotFilter. Or LedZepFilter. Why did Glasgow need it?

The first disc of the Led Zeppelin DVD is a record of their January 9, 1970 performance at the Royal Albert Hall. [A must-hear, btw.]

During the oldies-medley section of "How Many More Times", Plant - while encouraging a clap-a-long - says to the audience in a knowing tone: "You're going to do it [sex, it seems] in Birmingham and Cardiff. You're going to do it in Glasgow... and Glasgow needs it."

Why did Glasgow need it - whatever "it" was? Were Glaswegian coal workers suffering in a strike at the time? Did the city have a reputation for being tight-assed?
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Glasgow crowds used to be notoriously hard to please. Also, Glasgow was in heavy decline at the time, with a falling population.
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