Song From the movie DINER?
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Song From the movie DINER?

At one point, Tim Daly & Steve Guttenberg characters end up at a old time strip joint and Tim Daly, drunk, climbs up and sits at the piano - starts a classical music intro but then launching into a boogie/swing song and the other two musicians join in and bring the house down.

Was this an actual swing/boogie song? If so, who performs a recommended rendition? And does the song normally have a classical piano intro or does it just boogie from the start? Thanks.
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It's a generic riff. It's not a "song", per se.
posted by wfc123 at 8:48 AM on December 25, 2006

It's not on the soundtrack album, so I'd go with wfc123 on this that's it's just some improvised piano boogie and not a formal "song"
posted by briank at 9:06 AM on December 25, 2006

Sometimes IMDB's list of songs includes songs that weren't on a released soundtrack but were used in the movie. Try looking through that.
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