Song about learning stride piano?
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Name-that-song-about-stride/boogie-piano Filter. Heard on the radio a few weeks ago (Radio 2, UK, Sunday night in late January), the tail end of a song on a jazz show. Lady stride pianist, seriously good, but with a different lady singing/talking a quite funny song about learning to play stride piano. Judy Carmichael? Not on her discography. Stephanie Trick? Likewise. Help?
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"Handful of Keys"? It's by Fats Waller. The lyrics.
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Ah, never mind. I see Stephanie Trick seems to be fairly closely associated with that song on YouTube, so it's surely on a discography someplace. I don't know much about the style, I just recall singing the song in a choir and the lyrics being about stride piano itself.
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I don't know the song, but you should be able to find what you want on the BBC Radio 2 website (because they publish their playlists).

Using the calendar on the right of the page you can select the likely show that it was (Clare Teal or The David Jacobs Collection?) on the likely date (22nd or 29th?).

Then, for each of those shows, their playlists are at the bottom of the page.

Good luck!
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Oh there we go - thanks, fakelvis. It was Stephanie Trick, but it's not released yet. It's call "Pour on the Heat" (rehearsal YouTube here) and it actually isn't as good as I remember it, although the last half is good and it sounded better in the final version.

+1 to the hive mind.
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