Where can I find the soundtrack to the King of Devil's Island?
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I would like to acquire to soundtrack for the film King of Devil's Island? I am having difficulty doing so. I am fine with purchase or otherwise. I have scoured and came up empty. Any suggestions, oh Metafites?
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I didn't see it on Discogs, Allmusic or Amazon.com or .co.uk.

Do you know for sure that it's seen a commercial release?
posted by box at 8:05 AM on January 27, 2013

It doesn't seem to have been released as an album, but you can listen to the music (or at least part of it) here.
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I do not know that is has seen a commercial release and now I fear that it has not...

At the minimum I can listen to/grab it from the composer's soundcloud and on youtube...

I guess that SHOULD have been my question - "has this seen a commercial release"
posted by J0 at 8:45 AM on January 27, 2013

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