Mops that use normal Clorox Wipes
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Can I buy or customize a mop that can use standard Clorox Wipes or their generic equivalent? The standard wipes seem to clean my hardwood floors better than the made-for-mop wipes. Plus, I always have standard wipes around.
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Best answer: I use them on my regular Swiffer sweeper head. (The basic "Sweeper" model that you would put the Swiffer dust cloths on.) You can't use one Clorox wipe horizontally across the Swiffer head (it won't reach all of the catches to hold it on), but you can use two vertically and they overlap a bit in the middle.
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Yep, Swiffer sweeper head. You can rig almost anything to the basic model. I've tried the Clorox wipes in them as well and they seem to work okay.
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I have definitely used Clorox wipes on my basic Swiffer mop head several times when I've been out of Swiffer refills. They fit pretty well. You just have to be a little more careful about not pushing the mop too hard and tearing the Clorox wipes than you would be about the Swiffer wipes, because the Clorox wipes are thinner. (Tearing might not really be an issue with smooth hardwood floors, though; I use my Swiffer to clean textured vinyl in the kitchen.)

I do hope your hardwood floors are well-sealed, though. Cleaners that aren't specifically made for wood can harm hardwood floors over time, unless the wood is sealed with a very good finish.
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