Help me figure out how to keep working out during my upcoming NYC trip!
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Before the holidays I started a new strength training regimen and I've been really consistent so far. I really, really want to keep it up during an upcoming trip to NYC in February. I haven't had much luck searching for gyms with single-visit fees or similar. Can anyone offer advice / help?

I don't need much — barbells & free weights — and I don't mind dingy. Bonus points for cheap. I'm splitting my time between Brooklyn (Bkln Heights & Bed-Stuy) and Manhattan (126th & Broadway). Bodyweight stuff is always a backup option, but I really want to keep pushing with my current program.
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How long are you there for? Maybe you could just buy some 5lb weights and use them in your room. If not, doing the plank position for one minute intervals, three times, is a hell of a total body workout. Squats and lunges would be great for lower body.
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It's not super close to where you'll be, but you could stop on your way back and forth to Brooklyn without too much trouble: I once had a membership at the Y on 14th:

They had a one-time fee of $15.00 I believe, but I could be mistaken on the price. However, I'm almost positive they had a one-time fee, as I went there before I became a member.

They definitely had free weights, but I don't believe they had a squat rack or anything for "serious" lifting (by that I mean something like Rippetoe's Starting Strength-style lifting). I had trouble trying to do deadlifts, I gave up trying to do them there. But if you want to do bench pressing, or other lighter lifting (basically, anything you can safely clean), you should be fine, they had plenty of free-weights last time I was there. It was a while ago, but I doubt they would have replaced that stuff with expensive machines: it's a Y.

Otherwise, NYC is littered with tons of small gyms. I thought I remembered checking this one out and it being pretty good, but there are mixed reviews:

In my experience, most gyms will let you try them out once, for free or for a fee (~$20 last I lived in NYC, which was admittedly 5+ years ago). If your routine is generic enough, and if you'll only be in NYC a short time, you may just try bouncing around from gym to gym--that may be a good way to figure out what you like anyways.
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If you are staying in hotels, ask them for recs. Otherwise, check on Yelp for gyms in the area and contact them directly. There are also some chains of gyms, like Crunch or NYSC that will be all over and probably have week or month memberships/trials.
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The Brooklyn Heights Equinox is pretty good, and boom, one week free trial. Just use a NYC address, probably. And be prepared to get email for the rest of your life.
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I think some of the free day pass ones might require some proof of local residence, just FYI. Depending on how many work outs you're here for, $30 one month trial might be good at NYSC. There's also a $49.95 option, while more expensive, will let you go to any gym in the network. Which could be convenient if you're splitting your time between locations.

If you're more motivated you could check out these options.
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Ask at your current gym. A lot of bigger national chain gyms have reciprocal agreements with other gyms for precisely this reason.
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I'm sure my gym would make a deal with you.
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I can get you a free one-week pass to my gym. Memail me if you'd like.
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Not a gym recommendation as others have done that already, but have you considered traveling with resistance bands?
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The Y dubitable linked to above has a one-day free guest pass you can use. Maybe some of the other New York Ys do as well - and possibly one closer to where you are (here is a page with all the Ys in NYC). Speaking from experience with Ottawa YMCAs, they do typically have drop-in fees.
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My gym New York Health and Racquet Club has guest day rates. Not cheap and dingy though.
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The Dodge YMCA on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn has one squat rack. It's at the edge of Brooklyn Heights. I think the drop in rate is $25, but you should call to confirm. They usually run a special around this time of year where you can get a no pressure trial 1-day pass.
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walla, thank you silence — thanks for the ideas! For this round I'm really looking to keep up the same program I'm working on.

Everyone else: y'all are awesome, thank you! (Keep 'em coming, I may just be able to stack up 1 day passes for the whole trip...)

sweetkid: ooh, fancy. Yeah, this trip's kind of shoestringy.
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