Help me identify/fine a specific Honda Commercial
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Help me find a specific Honda Commercial

A friend at work was trying to tell me about a commercial she saw that she wants me to see. (not worth explaining why). I'm sure if I had a little more info I could find it online, but here's all she could give me: It's a guy talking to a salesman and (I think) the prospective buyer is talking about Honda features (e.g. warranty) and the salesman is trying to minimize them (i.e. Yeahh, warranties are no big deal or something like that). They have this conversation in kind of high pitched tone and it ends with the customer saying he'll go to the Honda dealer.

I've tried doing a search for Honda commercials, but I can't think of a way to narrow my search down. Hoping someone who has seen this spot can give me enough extra details (e.g. if it's for a specific model, or an exact quote from the spot) so that I can do a better search. Even better, if someone can point me to a link, that would be great.
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This one?
posted by chesty_a_arthur at 5:09 PM on September 28, 2012

The commercial is for the Honda Accord, and the ad is titled Semantics. In the ad an auto saleswoman tries to convince some perspective buyers that her car's good warranty is the same as her car being reliable (basically it's Honda getting a little nervous about Hyundai's recent market successes).
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Actually, I think the ad found by chesty_a_arthur is a better match.
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Thanks. I don't think it's Richard's, and I can't click Chesty_A_Arthur's link from my phone (and copying the link is giving me an error). I'll try to check it put when I'm at a PC.
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Thanks donnagirl et al, that seems to be the one.
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