Looking for an old car commercial
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Does anyone remember a certain 1990's Infiniti car commercial? I'm thinking of the sophisticated guy with longish gray hair, quiet classical music, darkness, etc. I'd like to find a youtube link and use it (or something similar at least) as an example of the sophisticated tone of luxury car commercials.
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That guy would be actor Jonathan Pryce.
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Spot Name: Thinking of You (with Jonathan Pryce) ; music: Dave Brubeck, "Take Five."

More details on the spots here.
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Thanks folks! Jonathan Pryce was the key piece of info. The Brubeck piece used in that ad was key, too, that was a major deal back then in advertising I think. Also from Jonathan Pryce's Wikipedia page I found links to this NY Times article about the ads, and even this SNL transcript.
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My favorite older sophisticated guy car commercial is for Porsche
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