What kind of car is in this political advertisement?
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What is the car in this political advertisement? I believe it says Chevrolet on the front, but I'm not sure. Please limit discussion to identifying the car and not the people or politics in the ad - thanks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2hSvyNHJN8
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This says it's a "1960s era Chevy II".
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That's a Chevrolet II Nova, and you probably needn't remind people of the guidelines, they're right below the answer window :)
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Looks like a 1965 Chevy Nova.
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Couldn't find many pics of the Chevy II/Nova with the Chevrolet name in the grille like the guy in the commercial did. Here's one.
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Yeah, it's a first-gen Nova (aka Chevy II).
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Yep, 1965 Chevy II/Nova.

Sidenote: at 0:08 and 0:11 you can see he's removed the column shift and installed a floor-mounted shifter, the T-handle of which is visible at 0:04.
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Also at 4 seconds you can see the Nova II emblem on the glove compartment.
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