Recent car commercial - guy driving hears NASA or other space talk?
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Couldn't Google this successfully - a recent car commercial in the US, guy is driving on a highway at night maybe. It sounds like NASA or other mission control and space noises are coming out of his radio giving the effect that he is driving a space ship.

Not the funny one where a kid is in the car and he thinks his father drives a space ship. The one I am thinking of is just one guy.

I'm interested in what audio they used for this commercial.
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Cadillac CTS
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Is it this Cadillac ad? If so, the song is Stars by Ulrich Schnauss. The NASA audio—"we're now in the approach phase everything looking good," "velocity 1200 feet per second," "you're looking great to us Eagle," and "you're go for landing, over"—match the transcript from the Apollo 11 lunar landing.
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That's it. Thank you so much!

(Guess there was a kid in it. Sorry kid :P )
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