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I'm trying to find a story about an SUV or truck company that allowed users to make commercials for their vehicles -- and people made some very negative ads.

This was just a few years ago. A maker of either SUV's or trucks (or both) offered video clips online of their trucks in action and allowed fans to mash up the clips into their own customized commercials.

An unintended consequence was that people made ads that said things like "Our SUV's are destroying the environment." The company had to decide whether to allow those videos to be posted on their site. I believe they did allow it and won grudging respect from critics who would have raised hell had the company censored negative feedback.

I can't recall the name of the company and words like "video" bring up a zillion Google results. Can anyone recall this story? And how it ended?
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It was the Chevy Tahoe "make your own commercial" campaign. Here's the NY Times article on it.
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Oh man. Please, tell me someone got those onto YouTube?
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There's loads of them on YouTube. Start with this one and follow the Related Content until you run out of gas.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all!
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