Updated keyboard tray advice?
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Keyboard trays for ergonomic joy and wrist, arm and neck bliss: any new suggestions?

I found an older thread discussing keyboard trays, but I too couldn't find any reviews online, and am wondering if anyone has tried a newer style like this one from WorkRite? Debating between that one, this one (HumanScale) and this one (Ergo Sense). I'm the only special snowflake in my new office who needs to order one, so there's no way for me to test any of these out as far as I'm aware. My only requirement is that mouse-over-keyboard setting. Other possibly relevant info: I'm short/petite. Thanks!
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I have the HumanScale one at work, and I love it. Wish I could bring it home with me.
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No experience with the workrite. I am a huge fan of the 3M sit/stand keyboard tray, however.

It's very similar to the others you linked to in terms of degrees of freedom, but also raises up and lowers down such that one can comfortably stand and use it, provided your monitor raises enough.
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Humanscale trays and mechanisms are awesome. Highly recommended. My boss has one that lifts high enough to use while standing, plus a height-adjustable monitor arm for sit-stand capability. I have a more standard one. The height and tilt adjustments are great.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Got a humanscale one and am happy with it!
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