Recommendations for an adjustable ergonomic keyboard arm/tray?
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Recommendations for an adjustable ergonomic keyboard arm/tray? This seems to be such a niche market that there is little to no advice to find through searching. An Amazon search yields items with one or (mostly) zero reviews, and not even nerd-frequented sites (MeFi, reddit, etc.) seem to have any posts related to this subject. There are some about desks but that's about it. So, does anyone here have recommendations?
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office depot?
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My partner and I each have RSI and so I did extensive research in setting up her home office. We settled on equipment from HumanScale. It was fairly easy to install and unlike the models I saw at Office Depot et all, it has a much broader range of adjustment. It's also incredibly sturdy and quite spendy. (But if you're an information worker and don't want to destroy your body, it's definitely worth it).
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Check out the Stella mechanism, which is a mechanism for a keyboard tray made by Steelcase. I've used it to support a laptop and its keyboard, but they're originally designed for keyboards. It's a tray on an arm that also runs on a rack, and it's very adjustable, stable, and quickly retracted/extended. Here's a tray that uses the mechanism -- there are many others out there, too.
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I have a Humanscale G4 (I think) here on my desk, with a swing-out mousing surface on each side. The $work paid for it, so I got to choose without looking at prices. (But that was a couple of years ago, sadly...)

I've since heard good stuff about Steelcase, but they're also pretty pricey.
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One I've been looking at is the Kinesis Solution, which is $200. The Humanscale and Steelcase are much more expensive, which might be understandable if there were clear benefits, but it's not clear to me what those benefits might be.
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HumanScale here also. It's very solid and easily adjustable. Even raises high enough to work standing up. But I didn't have to pay for it.
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I have a Banana board and like it. Looking at the desciprtion of the Kinesis Solution, it's not obvious if it has disadvantages relative to the (more expensive) Banana Board.
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Well, I bought a Humanscale 4G for pretty cheap ($85) on ebay. We'll see how it turns out...

Thanks for the suggestions!
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