Keyboard Tray Recommendations?
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Recommend an awesomely adjustable keyboard slide/tray for my obnoxiously thick Expedit desk?

In my home office, I have an Ikea Expedit desk (like this one but up against the wall), and a Steelcase office chair with arms. My old desk had an integral keyboard tray which was okay but not adjustable; with this desk, the chair can't slide very far under this desk due to the arms, and I end up slouching forward in a very unergonomic way to reach the keyboard. I'd like to attach a slide out/height-adjustable keyboard tray to the desk. I use an Apple slim wired keyboard, and a fairly beefy logitech wireless mouse -- bonus points if the tray has a mousepad, but no worries if it couldn't fit the mouse under the desk, since the mouse lives on a charger when the desk's not in use.

Any recommendations for an awesome keyboard tray? It's okay if it's screw-mount (I'd actually prefer that to something that clamps on).
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Best answer: Humanscale. I paid about $280 for a "Humanscale Clip Mouse Keyboard System with 5G Arm", bought it from Simply Ergonomic. It's expensive, but very sturdy and excellently adjustable. If you spend every day using it it's worth it.

It attaches by screwing into the desk from underneath. Be sure your desk is deep enough (24" or so, I think). If the Ikea desk is some sort of composite, verify that you can anchor screws in it.
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I'm reeeally not sure that desk is going to be able to take a keyboard tray. You might have to drill a pilot hole in the bottom or something to check that it's not just veneered, hollow with cardboard inside, like the thick parts of my Expedit bookcase are.

However, from the same site as above, I've used (and would get again) a plainish straight board tray, adjustable and retractable. I never saw the use for swing-away mouse pads, FWIW.
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