Seeking a good adjustable keyboard tray
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I need a good keyboard tray! I’ve tried the summera pull-out keyboard under my ikea table however it doesn’t work for me and I’ve since removed it.

The reason why the summera keyboard didn’t fit me was two-fold:
1) My knees bump into it. - I could technically raise my table but then my monitor would be too high
2) It isn't the right height for my hands either. I tried putting book and stuff to accommodate but so far no comfortable fit.

So I figured that an adjustable keyboard tray was the way to go. However, as I searched the net I realised they usually require a lot of free space underneath the table to put the long neck. I have only 8 inches in length under my table in length.

So I was wondering if anyone knew any adjustable keyboard - hopefully not crazy expensive but for now that criteria can wait - that could fit my table. I am starting to get tired of leaving my keyboard and mouse on my table since this is not a good fit either. Or if anyone has any other solution to propose that would be welcome but I think the adjustable keyboard is the most appropriate solution. Thanks!
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I LOVE my Humanscale, which I got as a hand-me-down from my boss. (I even retrofit a cheap keyboard tray onto it.) Super easily adjustable-- no knobs or anything for height (one for angle), and the keyboard can basically go in my lap (slightly inconvenient but great for the wrists). Probably "crazy expensive" though, sorry :(
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What about a stand-alone tray for your keyboard?
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Best answer: I like my Fellowes Tilt-n-Slide tray, which attaches to the desk with clamps and not screws. When not in use, the tray and keyboard/mouse actually sit above the desk instead of below like most keyboard trays, so that would accommodate your issue #1 with your knees bumping.

Not sure what I can say about its comfort level, re issue #2. It does allow for some customization in its slide and tilt, the tilt being what I generally play with, but I don't think the height can be adjusted as much as some fancier trays. That being said, there is some degree of DIY'ish flexibility in that it can be clamped to any horizontal surface. I've recently shifted to a standing desk and I can still use this keyboard tray, by clamping it to a piece of plywood I had hanging around.

I believe I bought mine for ~$60 on Amazon (Amazon's price has gone up, but it's going for that price on Ebay).
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Looking at the link above, I wonder if the sudden explosion of beach towel clips might be incorporated into a DIY solution?

Or straight out clamps:

Not entirely sure how, but my brain is busily trying to make the geometry work.
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Best answer: Thanks for all your suggestions!

tilde: I considered your idea of a stand-alone tray however I feel it's gonna annoy me too much in between my legs!

comradechu: Thanks for the Fellows Tilt-n-Slide tray. In the end I didn't buy it because the width requirement for the clips were slightly too much for my table. And also I'm not sure how much I like it being on my table and apparently it doesn't go much lower then the desk.

I decided to buy a Fellowes Designer Suites Desk Ready Keyboard Drawer! I might need to lift my table a bit and it might stick slightly out but at least it doesn't require that much depth under the table.

Thanks all!
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