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I'd like to get a sit-stand desk for my work and I need some advice and suggestions.

As it has to fit in my existing desk cubicle and area (I can't get a new desk), I've narrowed it down to 3 choices: Varidesk, the Ergotron Workfit, and the Kangaroo, by Ergodesk. I have a 27" mac that I'm using from mid-2011. I've looked online for reviews, but looking to you guys for any personal experiences and preferences.
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I've got an Ergotron Workfit and I like it a lot. It just takes a couple seconds to pull it up or push it down. There is a little bit of a shake when typing in the stand position, it's not as solid as a normal desk, but it doesn't bother me. (In the sitting position it rests on the regular desk so it doesn't shake.)
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Response by poster: With the Ergotron, can you adjust the height of the keyboard tray, so when the whole system is in the down position, can i raise the keyboard tray to be almost desk-level? In the images, it looks like it hangs down quite low.
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With my model, the keyboard tray rests on the desk itself, so you're typing at desk level. You just pull it up to whatever height when you're standing, and then push it down onto the desk for sitting. (Edited to add, it looks like mine is the Workfit-A.)
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I have a Varidesk and I love it. Adjustments are easy, and it's sturdy enough that I can lean on it in the standing position. I also love that it almost doubles the surface area from my existing desk--so much more room to put things!

Also, Varidesk customer service has been fantastic. I think they're a small enough company that you have a good chance of talking to someone friendly and helpful on the first try.
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If you're moderately handy, and budget minded, try this.

Several of my co-workers and I have built it, and it does the trick for about $20.
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I have a Dual Kangaroo and I love it. (Three of my office mates also have models from Ergo.) Having the monitor and keyboard trays independently adjustable is very useful. Raising and lowering is smooth, even with the weight of two large monitors. What sold me though was the quality; they are solid and engineered smartly and simply enough that I can fix anything that might ever go wrong (not that anything has).
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One option you may not have considered - we have standing desks at work, but no sit/stand ones. Our solution for that is to get chairs that adjust height, rather than the desks. Moving the desk and all the associated computer equipment is a difficult thing to do well, but a height adjustable drafting chair is much easier to get a hold of.
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Response by poster: Seeing your answers, I guess all 3 are decent choices. Do you find any of them have shake/bounce issues as you type when they're in the different positions?

As for building one, the problem is that the desk now becomes only for standing, and as for the chairs, I was told the desks in the cube have to stay.
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I've had a Kangaroo Pro for about 18 months at this point, and it's fantastic. No stability issues at all, and it doesn't move when typing or moving things on it.
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The Varidesk I use is Very sturdy, no shake or bounce problems.
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Like I said before, the Ergotron does have a bit of a shake in the standing position. I have not found it problematic, but others might.
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Just got a Varidesk for someone at my office and they love it. Very stable, easy to adjust, nothing to install.
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I have a Kangaroo Pro at work and I've been happy with it. The keyboard is stable in the standing position as long as you put the support piece under it properly.
My only complaint is the monitor I attached to it was too heavy and would droop down. I just added in a makeshift wedge to prevent that from happening.
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I'm not at the office so I can't check what brand I have. As noted above being able to adjust the monitor and keyboard independently is important to get the ergonomics right. I use it purely as a standing desk but if you are going to be raising and lowering it frequently I'd want to test the mechanism and make sure it isn't awkward or difficult. I've seen motorized ones that would be good for someone with a bad back or other issues. Mine moves fairly easy but you have to lift while bending forward which isn't ideal.

And you want it to be solid enough to type and use the mouse without the monitor wobbling or shaking.
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Lift by iSkelter. It doesn't actually exist yet, so obviously I haven't tried it out and can't give a real life opinion - but theoretically will in the next couple months, so I'm hoping it will help me solve a similar situation at my work place. I'm stuck with the desk I have there, so my only hope is something that can sit on top of it, that I can lower and raise as needed.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the advice and suggestions everyone.
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