Sit/stand/kneel combination workstation
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Wanted: workstation (desk and chair) that can be quickly/frequently/comfortably repositioned back and forth between sitting and standing positions. (Also much interested in tips/alternatives for keeping focus while having to do this constant sit/stand switchoff throughout the day.)

Somewhere on the web, I have seen this unusual product for sale. It's not just a standard sit/stand desk. This particular desk and chair raise/lower in tandem, and extend fluidly between standing, sitting, and kneeling positions. It was awesome. I could have sworn the original lead was through a mefi link, but google-fu has failed miserably and the ergonomics store hasn't heard of it. Help, oh metafites!
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Response by poster: Thanks. I've checked out that thread and its links. A straight "standing desk" wouldn't work, unfortunately, and the average "sit/stand" desk does not seem to have been designed for changes as frequent as this. Having to adjust desk and chair separately every 20 minutes, manually setting them back into correct ergo alignment with each other, would be major productivity-buster. There must be a better way.
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I use a chair like this, a keyboard and mouse tray like this this and a shelving unit like this and some playwood supports to build my workstation. Pros: goes between sitting and standing easily, has room for up to 5 tower PC's (I've only had 4 going at once), holds a 21" monitor. Cons: no writing surface, monitor is a little high for sitting and a little low for standing.
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Response by poster: plinth, are you moving the 21" and keyboard when you switch between sit/stand, or do you have two sets for the different heights? I'm trying to visualize how this works.
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Well, there is the Lista sitting/standing desk, which adjusts its height electronically. And here is an electronic one available in the UK (sorry, didn't search for a US distributor). Here's a link to a Canadian distributor that may have U.S. retailers as customers.

None of the above mention kneeling, so perhaps you're thinking of the HealthPostures Stance Angle chair?

Here's the 43 folders page (wiki) on working while standing; general info but not specific models (but it would be great to have those links, of course).
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Response by poster: WestCoaster, HealthPostures' whole Plasma2 system looks very promising. Not moving in unison (dang, wish I could find that thing again!), but easy to adjust everything back and forth, plus maintains back support through a variety of postures. Thanks for the tip!
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When I switch, I raise the keyboard and mouse pads and lose the chair. The monitor stays at its height. When seated, my eyes are a little below midline (not optimal), when standing, my eyes are at the top of the screen (not optimal). I adjust the tile of the monitor to compensate.
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