Google Health Alternatives?
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Google Health is going away. Recommend me alternative medical records software that is secure, let's me track insurance and doctor info, works on my Linux machine and is cheap to free. Bonus points for web-based apps that let me import the CCR / CSV files Health exports.
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I haven't used any of these, but they seem to be the big alternatives:

-Microsoft Healthvault:

I think WebMD has a PHR offering as well, but I'm hesitant to recommend WebMD since they like to mix in some snake oil with their information.

Also, I'd advise asking your physician(s) if they have a patient portal / clinical portal. Some physicians are beginning to offer a way to see some of your chart online through a secured patient portal. The portal isn't under your control like a PHR would be, but some of them have nice features like online appointment scheduling and messaging, and some portals allow you to download CCDs or link your information to a PHR.
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Microsoft offers transfer tool to Google Health users
Rather than shuttering its online medical records service like its rival, Microsoft creates a tool to let Google Health users move their data securely to its HealthVault.
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